Dime$ - Analyze Me

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The F.A.M. ft. Lemme - Fantasy

Dis is a classic F.A.M. joint right here pimp!!! If U've been in tune wit da D.C. music scene over da last 5 years or so then U've probably already heard dis joint b4. I know Judah probably peeped dis joint was a throwback track cause he ain't wanna post it on his FTDMVO blog. He shys away from posting da same thing twice even when it's in a different format. Especially from me cause I already tricked him into doin' it once b4. Had 2 try 4 da swindles 2x if they'd let me....ya digg!!! I'm De-U.c.e. Double so it's 2nd times da charm fuck a 1st impression...lol!!! Dis song was written back when "we was outside sellin' CD's like it's crack!!! Forestville, Rivertown, U can call dat da trap!!!"...partake!!!

Produced by Zo

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Kid Cudi ft. WALE - Look Up in Da Stars

I haven't heard too much from dude yet but "they say" he's somebody 2 listen out 4 so I'll keep my ears peeled. I wonder why it only seems like club songs r #1 on da charts deez days. People r quick 2 say joints like dis r wack or ain't all dat but U gotta admit dis is alot better then "Jumpin' Out Da Window"!!! No disrespect 2 Ron Brown's hustle but dat shits wack joe. It is catchy though cause everytime I hear it I wanna jump out da window my damn self...lmao!!!

"Hip-Hop ain't dead it just moved to the DMV!!!"

- Mr. 40. Watt -

D.C. Fashion Week

A lotta ya'll DMV outsiders don't really realize dat da Washington, D.C. metropolitan area has always had a rack of un-tapped original styles & swagger out da ass mo!!! Over da years we've had plenty of home grown comedians, actors, clothing, artists, musical stlyes, etc. swindled from right under our noses without even our permission. We even have several local music legends in the Rock & Roll and Gospel Hall's of Fame such as Chuck Brown & my grandma/labelmate Shirley Ables. It was announced recently that D.C. is officially now da newest fashion capitol next to Paris, & New York. My prediction 4 DMV fashion future is dat in da next 2-5 years da city of Washington, D.C. will be what ATL is right now 2 pop culture!!! Click on da highlighted words 2 find out more info about da DMV & D.C. Fashion Week...

Yung LA ft. T.I. & Young Dro - Ain't I (Remix)

I don't care if da hook is extremely simple on dis joint...it still cranks hard slim!!! If U don't agree...hey 2 each his own. If U think it's some garbage...hey U're entitled 2 U're own opinion. But in my opinion of U...U're 1 of those people Wayne talkin' bout when he say..."if we 2 simple then ya'll don't get da basics". I'm sorry dis joint cranks hard 2 me mo!!! "Da best thang smoking" on da radio right now...kill!!! Ain't it!!! Ain't it...lol!!!

Uptown Roamer...

If U can't tell by now Mr. 40. Watt fucks wit dat uptown music slim!!! 4 some reason it seems like Ft. Wash niggaz always get along well wit uptown niggaz & vice versa. If U think U know bout DC Hip-Hop & U don't know bout X.O. yet well guess wut...U don't know shit bout DC Hip-Hop so stop fakin' U bamma...lol!!! X.O. is a real ass nigga...trust me on dis 1 pimp!!! Matter fact don't take my word 4 it just holla at da man U're self on U street on mondays...he's da host 4 Pure's Hip-Hop night. X.O. is 1 of da few DC rappers who gets some of da credit deserved 4 his grind...it's hard out here in da DMV 4 us pimps!!! He's also 1 of da few DC rappers 2 do a colab wit WALE. You can hear da song they did together on a mixtape dat we're both featured on called "The Mumbo Sauce Mixtape Vol.3" but 4 now...peep da promo!!!

DMV Dancehall

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Friday Feb. 20th - Push Bumper @ Zanzibar
700 Water Street SW, Washington DC

The Official T&T Carnival Friday Night Fete!
Music by: Majestic - Shiloh Intl - Spyda the dj
Brought to by: Basement Knok'ers & Sekou Flex

Ladies Free b4 11PM - $10 Before Midnite - More After


Saturday Feb. 21st - African Caribbean LinkUP
@ 10841 Lanham Severn Rd. Glendale Md 20769

Music by: DJ Sam, Destiny Sound, Trinity Sound
DJ Suspence, Unico Sound, Spyda the dj
Hosted by: Spaniards

ADM: $15 All night long
Contact Blaze for more info: 301.455.2914


Saturday, Feb 21st - Hot Buttered Soul @ Mirrors Restaurant & Lounge
33 New York Avenue NE, Washington DC

The Adinkra Group is proud to present:
Hot Buttered Soul ::||:: A Musical Love Affair

A one night stand featuring -

Akua Kyerematin

C. Love

Maimouna Youssef


Benji Smokedown to 4/20/09 EP

Here's somethin' new from dat uptown roamer & 3 Stars 2 Bars affiliate dat they call Benji. This EP is a solid prelude to his "SSDD Almixtapbum" dat drops on 4/20/09. Dis EP is highly recommended by Mr. 40. Watt himself for U're smoke session listening pleasure...partake!!!

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Mr. 40 Watt's Grammy Re-Cap...

I didn't even get 2 see da show dis year cause I had a studio session wit E at da time. However I manage 2 keep my ears 2 da concrete 24/7 & da streets said dat it was a good show last night...lol!!! U may luv him or hate him but U gotta admit Lil' Wayne killed 2008 slim!!! I mean dude was out everywhere & featured on damn near everything. He even swooped through D.C. & hopped on dat man WALE "Nike Boots(Remix)" screamin' "Da DMV here & Lil' Weezy" all sizurpy & shit...lmao!!! Dude owned da grammys last night as well wit 8 nominations!!! Correct me if I'm wrong wit any of dis cause I re-itterarate...my sources are da asphalt...lol!!! He ended up bringin' home 50% of da 8 wit 4 grammys "in da pocket"...1 was 4 best Rap song wit "Lollipop", 2nd 1 was 4 best Rap performance wit " A Milli", 3rd 1 was 4 best Rap performance by a duo or group on "Swagger Like Us", & da 4th was 4 album of da year 4 "Tha Carter 3". If U ask me I luv da south & been luv'n it since Geto Boys!!! Wayne's been grindin' under da radar 4 a minute now & he deserved it just as much as Three 6 Mafia deserved their Oscar!!! If you don't agree...KILL ya' self!!! In D.C. Grammy news some artists from da DMV even had a couple nominations, like J. Holiday 4 best R&B LP, Wayna & Kokayi 4 best Urban/Alternative Performance, & Raheem DeVaughn 4 Best Male R&B Vocal Performance. U can check out Kokayi on a mixtape wit me called "The Mumbo Sauce Mixtape Vol.3". Sorry 2 say no local wins yet. Better luck next time, but trust me...DMV gone get, get get it...lol!!!

De-U.c.e. Double - Parking Lots & Street Corners

Over 222,222 CD's sold on da mean streets of da DMV straight outta da trunk!!! Dat's wut me & my De-U family did growin' up & dis track explains exactly how "nobody taught us but we still knew how 2 do it"...partake!!!

Produced by Zo

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ScholarMan - Our All

Dat's my nigga's 4 U right there...we some "go get it boys we can do 4 ourselves"!!! He directed & produced dis joint 4 himself by himself wit only da aide of his brother & computer progams...technology's a beautiful thing. He's da head honcho & head producer for Soganic Music. We 1st met when he produced a joint wit me & his artist & my nigga TrueBless called "Melodic Wings" bout a year back. Look forward 2 hearing alot more from dis MD emcee & Soganic Music in da very near future!!! In da words of da great Mambo Sauce..."we ain't goin' no where...welcome 2 DC!!!"

"Hip-Hop ain't dead it just moved to the DMV!!!"

- Mr. 40. Watt -




Epitome - Paper Planes (GoGo Remix)

"Congo Lonzo"...dat's wut we used 2 call him when me & E were just kids. He grew up back in da GoGo playin' several different instruments 4 several bands but da 2 dat remained closest 2 his heart are da keyboard & Epitome. He started his band grind in his pre-teens but Zo's on his big boi shit musically now days. Now da new nickname he's earned is "Zo Got Beats"...& he really really do!!! On da real 4 real when it comes 2 make'n melodies U name it & Zo probably does it. From Hip-Hop, 2 Gospel, 2 R&B, 2 Rock, 2 Jazz, 2 Pop, 2 GoGo, 2 Spoken Word, & 2 even Children's Educational music..lol!!! When it comes 2 making beats & production...he can do wutever U like...yeah!!!...lol!!!


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Meet My Future Baby Mama...

Introducing my future baby mama...lol!!! Sike naw...but seriously. She's starting 2 grow into something like da Mary J. Blidge of dis generation. Keyshia Cole is only on like her 3rd CD so far in her career but it sure don't seem like it. I'll admit she does make some simi-nigga bashin' music like "I Should've Cheated" but it's still done in her own tasteful way. Plus I give her a free pass on dat 1 cause she didn't know me yet so she damn right she should've cheated!!! She reminds of a female Neyo in how she can actually sing...lol!!! She appeals 2 da ghetto & hood folk yet still does it wit class. Plus her CD's make a good movie soundtrack while I'm film'n in da back seat of da whip...ya digg!!! If U like her music...BUY IT!!! DON'T DOWNLOAD!!! Ya'll killing da arts & crafts wit dat shit people...WAKE UP!!!

"Each 1 Teach 1"

February's Diamond in the Rough

Dis is da second installment of De-U.c.e. Double's Diamond in da Rough. Dis is an on goin' monthly blog post dat will feature somethin' special from in or around da diamond district. Dis month I choose Club Pure's open mic mondays. Dis open mic night was hailed in Billboard Magazine as 1 of da premiere locations in da area 2 find quality musicians, poets, & comedians. Club Pure is a place where many local & national artists such as Raheem DeVaughn & Tabi Bonney got their start back when it was know as Bar Nun. A lotta videos have been filmed live from dis club & all around da surrounding U street corridor. If U're not from anywhere in or around our area peep out da pics above & footage below 2 get a feel 4 da average atmosphere dat's in & around open mic mondays @ Club Pure. Videos swindled courtesy of Judah's blog FTDMVO in association wit Jben.ok...enjoy!!!

Tabi Bonney - Rich Kids (Live @ Pure DC) from jben.ok on Vimeo.

Pure DC Open Mic Cypher (1.26.09) from jben.ok on Vimeo.