Heard about the "Multiplication Hip-Hop" musical?!?!

With Accolades from The Washington Post, National Public Radio (NPR), Black Enterprise Magazine, BusinessWeek, BET News, just to name a few, Edu-Basics continues an ongoing legacy with this exciting live concert series!!! This short documentary highlights the Edu-Basics team as they perform their hit stage play "Dezmo and The Secret Power of Knowledge" Meet the characters and the actors as entertain children and parents alike. It was filmed at the Old Town Theater in Alexandria VA. Produced by Terron Cannady, 1011 Royal, and Redeye Films. Brought to you by the producers, & creators of the original "Multiplication Hip-Hop" & Edu-Basics.


Fat Trel Co-Signs Hazzard!!!

Meet my brother from another Ha$$ard!!! I met him YEARS ago via my Gospel Hall of Fame grandbeezy Shirley Ables. He's the originator of the #DMV term "Bait"...need I say more??? Look forward to hearing us on a track together in the near future...GET FAMILIAR!!!

R.I.P. Scarecrow aka Lord Infamous...we miss ya bruh!!!

Along with 2pac, Pimp-C, & Biggie this man was JUST as big as an influence in my rapping style if not MORE, & it's crazy the fucked up timing of all deaths of these great pioneers in Hip-Hop. Regardless of 3-6 receiving an Oscar the majority of ya'll have NO IDEA the amount of influence Three 6 Mafia aka @DaMafia6ix in general had, & HAVE on southern Hip-Hop, & Rap music as a whole to this day!!! R.I.P. Scarecrow aka Lord Infamous...we miss ya bruh!!!