MullyMan - She Hurtin Em (OFFICIAL VIDEO)

I bought a MullyMan mixtape from Mully 1 day out B-More at da Patapsco Flea Market while we was sell'n our Multiplication Hip-Hop CD's/DVD's!!! Glad 2 see he's finally get'n some more recognition cause as far as I can see he BEEN doing it big & make'n good music!!! Video directed by Tabi Bonney.

Hazzard is back off vacation!!!

The making of "SALVIA TRIPS(the vent)" Blog #1 from HAZZARD on Vimeo.

My nigga Brian gotta be da coolest bamma in da DMV who don't do no music!!! Wait my bad I forgot he in a GoGo band...LOL!!!

"40. Wattage" Leakage!!!

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Decided 2 leak "40. Wattage" a week early so sue me...LOL!!! I put it on twitter 4 #musicmonday & I'm releasing it on my blog for CD release tuesday's!!! Don't worry thow it'll still OFFICIALLY drop on on 02/02/10 aka #DeUceDoubleDay as scheduled & I'll be have'n da CD release party wit da Epitome Band at Pure Lounge & Restuarant in Waldorf, MD on Feb. 13th as well!!! I had 2 test da download out b4 it got 2 close to February MYSELF or it would've never got done...SMH!!! I figured might as well share it with da faithful few who see every lil' thing dat De-U.c.e. Double do...I THANK U!!! De-U.c.e.'s!!!

2010 DMV Awards

Mambo sauce be rocking like shit slim!!! I'm actually listening 2 their CD as I'm type'n...LOL!!! Still mad I came 2 late 2 see dat LIVE tho!!! Shoutout 2 my niggaz King Swagg & Black Woodson!!! I ain't even see black was in dat joint mo!!! I grew up off Black's music, Zo used 2 produce 4 him back in da 90's!!! Can somebody do me a favor & answer dis question for me tho? What GoGo band did Stinky Dink used 2 hit dat joint wit? I'm not hip but I remember hearing dat joint on da radio in da car when I was younger!!!

Ludacris - How Low

Big B - P.S.A.

De-U.c.e. Double performs LIVE TONIGHT!!!

See me perform my hit single "Sexy Lady" LIVE tonight for FREE!!! It'll be at the Lounge of Three on U street. There will be Universal Records A&R's & rep's in the building so I'd advise everybody who's anybody to be there early!!! Door's open around 8pm. I plan on getting there late & leaving early but please make sure your on time & stay da whole duration to see the other artists!!! I know...I'm a bamma...LOL!!! SEE YOU THERE!!! De-U.c.e.'s!!!

Start Time: Friday, January 22, 2010 at 8:00pm
End Time: Saturday, January 23, 2010 at 12:00am
Location: Lounge Of Three
Street: 1013 U Street, NW
City/Town: Washington, DC

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E One Letter (Untitled) "Drake Joint"

E One letter returns to the blogs with his first single off his up coming "No Conscience" mixtape!!! This is an untitled heartfelt song done over a Drake instrumental & his first after releasing his critically acclaimed "Now Or Never" mixtape this past summer!!!

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Oy Boyz mini movie "Rob Me" & "Neverbeena"

Dis joint won da DMV Award 4 best video last night!!!

EZstreet Tweetup @ Pure Lounge - Jan. 7th

EZstreet been hip 2 De-U Records since the 1st time ever we sold CD's at an event & it was da Million Man March & actually wholetime he bought 1 tho...LMFAOLS!!! Thanks 4 da luv EZ U DA MAN!!!

"Now Or Never" nominated for a DMV award!!!

Congratulations to all the Nominees!!!

The Official 2010 Original DMV Music Award Nominees

1) Best Club/Dance Artist

Yung Cyph
Dj Quicksilva
Don Juan
Rye Rye

2) Best Club/Dance Recording

DJ Class- I’m the Ish(Rmx) f. Lil Jon & Kanye West
DJ Quicksilva-Where They Do that At
Smiff-Bounce It
Da Kid-I Could Do this all Day
DJ Booman feat. Mullyman-Harder than Baltimore
100 Grandman - Super Sexy
DJ Excel-Boom Boom

3) Best B-More Rap Artist

Skar Akbar

4) Best B-More R&B Artist

Fertile Ground
Will Star
J Soul
Soul Cannon
Chyna Doll
Chelsea Green

5) Best VA R&B Artist

Harmony Muzik
Unkle E
Christopher Lee
Jon Bibbs

6) Best VA Rap Artist

Grade A Material
Stack Major
Saint Anger
Young Cyph
Ms. Divinity

7) Best Live Show

Fertile Ground
Beat Ya Feet Kings
Dyfor Entertainment
La Vie
Garvey the Chosen One
Young Sleep

8) Best Rap Artist-Male

Mr. Whitefolks
Kingpin Slim
Rated R
Big B
Fatz Da Big Fella
Relentlezz Dre

9) Best Rap Artist-Female

Angel Lola Luv
Si Notes
Madam Madon
La Vie
RA the MC
Lady Dy
Her Raw Ness
Jai Blazin
Nina Ross

10) Best Rap Group

Oy Boyz
M-1 Platoon
The Package
1st Family
Wasteland Mob
Dyfor Entertainment

11) Best Rap Recording

DJ Quicksilva-Where They Do that at
Bossman-Break Me Off
Mullyman-She Hurtin Em
E One Letter-Now or Never
RatheMC-We Ridin’
Diamond District-In the Ruff
B.E- Grind 2 Get richer
Fatal Sinz-do What it Doo
Stack Major-Mouf Open-DyFor Ent.

12) Best R&B Artist-Male

Christopher Lee
Kevin Ross
Nick Rich

13) Best R&B Artist-Female

Chyna Doll(baltimore)
Harmony Muzik
Kyla Simone
Nonya Songbird Whitley
Tamika Love Jones

14) Best Poet/Spoken word-Artist

Taalam Acey
Lady Moet Beast
Archie the Messenger/Lyrical the Lyricist
E the Poet MC
Jamila(aka J Mills)
Cedric \"JustMe\" Hand

15) Best Poet/Spoken word-Recording

Archie the Messenger/Lyrical the Lyricist
Lady Moet-Big Girls Don’t Cry (they bounce back)
Enoch 7th Prophet-Data Frequency
Gem In I - What\'s Real
Cedric "Just Me" Hand-Flyin High
Fly Gypsy-Change for a Dollar
Taalam Acey-Trouble Eyes

16) Best R&B Group

Main Girl
Béla Dona
Fertile Ground
Familiar Faces

17) Best Gospel Rap Recording

Righteous-Soldier for Christ
MLik & Russ Shanks- Tag Team
David-The Rapture
Enyaphace- Gangsta Musik
Ason- Lay Them Down
The Unseen Movement- Spread Love
Riff-Raff-Lock it Down

18) Best, Band Duo or Group

Fertile Ground
Mambo Sauce
The What Band
Jett Black
Black Alley
Frank Sirus/Lissen
Familiar Faces

19) Best Go-Go Band

The What Band
Reaction Band
Mambo Sauce
Backyard Band

20) Most Supportive Media Person

Chris Richards
Super Sid
Shaka Pitts
Enoch 7th Prophet
DJ Kash Monee

21) Most Supportive Media Outlet

Kapital Magazine
For the DMV Only
Mental Salvation Radio
WOW Radio
WKSH (Kash Monee)
WEAA 88.9 Strictly Hip Hop

22) DMV Legend Award

DC Scorpio
Stinky Dink
Tony Blunt
Fat Rodney

23) Most Supportive DJ

DJ Remy
DJ Jaymo
DJ Money
DJ Heat
DJ Kash Monee
DJ P Funk
Squirrel Wide
DJ Celo
DJ Hurricane
DJ Rob

24) Best Alternative Artist

Chelsey Green
Vane Starr
David Corey
Reina Williams
Empress & Tasting Darkness
Lady Moet Beast
Allison Carney

25) Best Video

Tokes eastwood-look in my eyes
Oy Boyz-Rob Me
Jorob- I wonder
Fatal sinz- do wut it doo
Phil Ade-Hollywood
Moneybagz-Make it swang
SE Slim-Shake Ya Plaits
Nonya Whitley-\"DJ Play My Song\"
EeZy Money-DC State of Mind

26) Best Mixtape

Petey Green - Welcome To P-Town
Comp- The Man With the Hand
Relentlezz - Yeah Im Relentlezz Vol.2
B.E- Wake my city up
Whitefolks-F*ck Your Mixtape
Mo C.h.i.p.s.-Casino Vol .3
30/30 murdaland mixtape
DJ Anonymous-Roamers
Stack Major & Moneybagz-Past, Present & Future
K-Beta "8909"
DJ Chub-Hollows Eve

27) Best Video Producer

S-Dot Films
Skinny Corleone
20 Bello
Wingz World
Nas Jota/VLV Media Group
Rawtech/Thomas Aaron
Bakkie / Kool kids

28) Best Manager/Promoter

Lani Viega
Tymekia Wells(Catfight Entertainment)
Chin-Yer(Baltimore Scene)
Faheem Smith(Black Opx, LLC)

29) Community Service Award

Mahoganee The Diva
Bright Beginnings
Wille F. Wilson

30) Best Comedian

Eddie Bryant
Big Mo
Billy the Kid
Larry Lancaster
Micheal Lathan
CoCo Brown
Comedian Chico Will

31) Best Model

Sasha Shaheen The Diva
Shalon Delgado
Sarah Keys
Shennekia Grimes
Angel Lola Luv
Mz. OhSoHollywood
Cici Carmen
Sherella La Bella

32) Best Producer

J Funk
Team Demo
Rico Anderson
J Scrilla
Best Kept Secret

33) Artist Next to Blow Award

Kingpin Slim
Madam Madon
Phil Ade
Tae Barz

34) Best R&B Recording

Jorob- she likes that
Will Star-Willie Carter Jr
ALorious - Temporarily Disconnected
Wanya ft. Wale-Billieclub(Remix)
Canda - Consider This
Harmony Muzik- Ft. Madom Madon, Divinity, and Prhyme- "TAKE A BITE"
Infearion ft G.I.F- Trouble in Paradise

2010 DMV Awards Tickets Available Now at
Or Call 1-888-961-0111 or 202-560-7467

E One Letter ft. Epitome Band - Drop & Give Me 50

If U'd like 2 hear da band hit dis joint live make sure U're at Gee's on Jan. 9th!!! The Epitome Band will be playing & they're gonna hit the GoGo versions of some of E's songs off his "Now Or Never" CD...BE THERE!!!

Click here to listen...

De-U.c.e. Double - Meant To Be

My solo debut "40. Wattage" is dropping on 02/02/10 aka DeUceDoubleDay so here goes a warning shot 2 start da year off right 4 ya!!! Me & da De-U CEO aka my pops...LOL!!! shot some of deez scenes 2day, directed it, edited it, uploaded it, & here U go!!! "Nobody taught us but we still knew how 2 do it!!!"...GET HIP U BAMMAS!!!