September's Diamond In The Rough

Zo is da head producer for De-U Records, EduBasics, & The Epitome Band. Zo's music has been featured in The Washington Post, CNBC,, BET,, NPR,, BusinessWeek, Black Enterprise, WPGC 95.5 & WKYS 93.9 just 2 name a few!!! Unlike alot of producers who mimic da latest trends & da others dat search 4 samples 24/7 Zo's a true musician at heart. He produces all styles of music from Hip-Hop, to R&B, Gospel, Reggae, Rock & Roll, GoGo, & last but not least children's educational music...LOL!!! Zo is truely da definition of a DMV diamond in da rough!!!

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Drake ft. Kanye West, Lil' Wayne, & Eminem - Forever

Ummmm...I hate 2 be rude & interrupt U while U're watching dis video but...T.I. had da best overhyped compilation of all time!!! LMFAOLS!!! Da hook on dis joint is MY LIFE wit only 2 slight differences...#1 Whenever I'm shut'n shit down @ da mall people are buying my CD's & DVD's from me...LOL!!! #2 Every girl thinks they da 1 for me but I don't fake wit em' instead I tell yungenz off da break dat I ain't even planning 2 call...LOL!!!

Lost Vibe Tupac Interview!!!

YOUNG-i™ - Best Theft Secret

Dis joint is sick & definitely iPod worthy if U got 1 unlike my broke child support paying ass...LOL!!! Dude is 1 of my favorite up & coming DC rapppers out right now off jump but on top of dat he got features on dis joint wit my favorite O.G. DC rappers X.O. & T.N.T.!!! Definitely 1 of da best mixtapes 2 come outta dis area in a minute if U ask me but hey...WTF do I know!!!

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Three 6 Mafia ft. Webbie - Lil' Freak

I was just thinking da other day it's about time dat both Webbie & Three 6 Mafia surfaced on da net wit some new music & wholetime they surfaced wit something they did together. I already heard dis joint a while back on dis mixtape dat 1 of my South East D.C. niggaz was playing. Regardless of wut ya'll think bout these dudes coming outta da south's talent U can't deny their drive slim. I fucks wit deez bammas real talk they get big play in da whip but If U rap & U don't then don't hate on em'..."get U're grind up dat's wut U would wanna do"!!!