De-U.c.e. Double - Sexy Lady

Monday nights @ Pure are start'n 2 get real real serious mo!!! Shout outs 2 da big homies X.O., Benji, Tony Night, Hu$$tle, & DJ Underdog 4 hustle'n & keep'n it go'n on so well since it started back up in January. If U weren't in da building last night once again U missed 1 hell of a show!!! I was gonna shout all da niggaz who ripped it but it was 2 many names 4 me 2!!! Seriously thow a lotta people murdered it bull!!! I was asked after my performance "where can I download dat song at" & my drunk ass replied..."a lotta places"!!! Da free download below is da most recent mixtape dis song was featured on.

P.S. "40. Wattage: The Ft. Washington Post" coming soon...U've been warned!!!

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Oogie ft. De-U.c.e. Double, Country, Spook, & Lil' Tay - Get Low (freestyle)

Dis DMV Posse joint was lay'd down at da homie Big-B's recording studio out Waldorf a couple weeks back. I think dis joint is an average song at best!!! Da content, wordplay, creativity, da beat, & performance are all seriously lack'n something in my opinion plus my nigga Oogie is so off key it's!!! Dis joint is like a thorn in my side 4 me but people keep tell'n me dat I killed da last verse so I decided 2 post it anyway. I strongly disagree wit em' but hey I'll let U be da judge...partake!!!

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UGK 4 Life!!!

"UGK 4 Life is an album for the people; for all those who have been with us from the beginning to those we've gained along the way, family and friends, the street cats and the squares, the supporters as well as the detractors."

- Bun B -

City Lights (Ft. UGK) - Redman & Method Man

Tabi Bonney - Rich Kids

rich kids from tabi Bonney on Vimeo.

I just thought about dis...why isn't my lil' cousin Andre a.k.a. "Dre Dae" posting dis on a blog somewhere? Step U're internet intern game up!!! Dis is Tabi's single off of his "Dope" EP. Dis song has been get'n a lotta rotation on DMV FM radio stations. U outsiders probably don't get it but in DC...dat's kind of a big deal!!! Da only local music dat gets any consistent radio airplay in DC is GoGo. Dis video will be on MTV, VH1, & BET real soon...mark my words!!!

Let me hit U're lil' twitter!!!

I been work'n on a new club's called "I'm gonna hit her on her twitter"...lmao!!! Wtf is a "Twitter" anyway??? I wonder who da hell thought dat name up...dude was probably a real!!! Well I was bored yesterday & I started an account on there so make sure U add me 2 U're following. Go ahead & hit my twitt (no homo)!!!

Blame It On T-Pain...

I usually am da 1st person 2 crucify a song wit dat overly used "T-Pain" sound all in da voices but over time dis joint kind of grew on me mo. Don't get me wrong I think T-Pain's a pretty creative artist as well as Jamie Foxx. Some songs wit da "T-Pain" vo-vocoder on em' are good but come honest wit U're self now people. U know da majority of dat copy cat shit sounds wack slim!!! Artists are supposed 2 create new trends instead of dick ride'n da old one's 2 death!!! Dat being said Jamie is naturally a comedian at heart in my opinion so it's alot more acceptable 4 him 2 be clowning around wit shit like dis if U ask me but hey wtf do I!!! Da lyrics on dis joint describe exactly how I be act'n when I'm tear'n da club up off da a, a, a, a, a,!!!

De-U.c.e. Double - D's Niggaz & Bitches

I been post'n a lotta DMV shit lately on da blog so it would only be right 4 U're boi Mr. 40. Watt 2 try & slide right in too. De-U.c.e. did it double on dis joint cause I produced da beat as well...partake!!!

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Tia Dae sings @ Wizards game!!!

She rocked da stage last night as usual & if U live in da DMV & U weren't there...U loaf'n slim!!! G*Two, Chris Barz, Lyriciss, Lady A, X.O., Model Citicenz, Juan P & many more did they thing as well 4 da Hip-Hop heads. I was lookin' at Youtube videos when I stumbled upon dis joint. Peep my homie Tia Dae of Nu Dae Ent. sing da "National Anthem" @ da Washington Wizards vs. Bucks game. Tia stays on her grind so if U ain't know yet take dis time 2 get familiar cause..."we ain't go'n no where welcome 2 DC"!!!

GoGo joint dis Satuday!!!

E One Letter - Success

This is my cousin & group member E One Letter's official logo & his new single for 2009 so he'd appreciate your opinions on dis whether it be good or bad. Dis is a joint called "Success" dat he did @ Omega wit Priest Da Nomad engineerin' on da mix cranks hard slim!!! Even if U're 2 lazy ta click da link & download it 4 U're self make sure U go on da music player on da right side of my blog & give dat joint a listen or 2.

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AB The Producer ft. X.O., Pro'verb, Lyriciss - Go Hard

Congrats go out 2 some of my fellow DMV emcees who are OnSmash right now!!! I like dis song & video 4 a lotta reasons but why dey had 2 catch me all mean mugg'n wit da middle finger shot!!! Dis joint "Go Hard" mo!!!

Live Music Every Saturday

Saturday Night March 14th w/ "N'digo Rose live in concert" @ Almaz Restaurant & Lounge 1212 U Street NW, DC

Doors open 9PM - Showtime 11PM Sharp
Must be 21+ to enter w/ valid ID

"Gangsta Grillz" Re-Post

I decided 2 re-post dis because it came out b4 us De-U boys stepped our blog game up. Dis joint features my cousin, group member, & DMV's own "Go Get It Boy" E One Letter!!! He has a track on dis DNA & DJ Drama "Gangsta Grillz" edition mixtape. Dis joint consists of mostly national artists but it's a couple of B-More niggaz on here wit E as well. Peep dis joint 4 me mo!!!

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March's Diamond in the Rough

If U live in or around da Washington, DC area den dis selection 4 March's diamond in da rough should come as no surprise 2 U at all. Chuck Brown is da true definition of what a DC diamond in da rough is. Chuck needs no introduction in my city...dey know, dey know!!! He's widely respected by & has influenced most if not all musicians, producers, & artists who hail from dis area. Da GoGo sound dat he fathered has musically been a gigantic influence on us local musicians & numerous artists in Hip-Hop nationwide ever since it was created here in DC during da mid 70's. Chuck's such a legendary musician dat they interviewed him on MTV's DC Hip-Hop week & he's not even a rapper 4 God's sake!!! Whether U're from DC or not trust & believe me when I tell U dat Chuck is dat nigga!!!(no!!!)

Chuck's website...

Chuck's history...

GoGo's history...

ScholarMan Makes The City Paper!!!

Big ups 2 my dude ScholarMan & da whole Soganic Music!!! I luv it when hard work & grind'n pays off!!! Stay tuned 4 a colab joint in da future...U heard it hear 1st!!!

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"Don't be mad UPS is hiring"

Asher Roth

Charles Hamilton


OJ Da Juiceman


Why it look like these niggaz really work there 4 real!!! My bad ya'll I was just a lil' bored sitting here gettin' ready 4 da annual De-U New York trip...peep da throwback youtube footage 2 see a back 2 da future preview of what we might be doing out there. I'll get back 2 regular posts as usual some time next week but as 4 right now here's some funny Friday shit 4 my niggaz reading dis @ work.

Dat Ghetto Bump...

Unlike most people who wonder why da quality of music & lyricism in Hip-Hop is nearly deceased but yet keep downloading shit 4 free, I still buy all my CD's from outta da record store lil' niggaz!!! U can't expect these artists now days 2 put but so much hard work, time, effort, or money into products dat they know @ da end of da day da so called "fans" dat U do dis 4 are just gonna swindle it 4 free(guess U get wut U pay 4!!!). Other than DMV music & mixtapes dis is da only thing I've really been crank'n in da whip as of late. Neither Pat nor da Three 6 Mafia have ever claimed 2 be da world's greatest lyricists, they just do what they do slim. "Real Recognize Real" is definitely not no "Ghetty Green" but it'll have 2 do da job 4 right now. Say what U want bout Project Pat or da mafia but U can always count on 3 6 2 give U a couple of authentic down south trunk rattlers U can blow some good bubble kushie 2...Gucci!!!