November's Diamond in the Rough

Any other day I would've peeped a DMV video on VladTv but da day they uploaded dis was da same day they deleted my twitter joint & dis blog 4 promote'n our 1st Indulj show wit my F.A.M. E One Letter & Epitome too much...SMH!!! Needless 2 say I wasn't fuck'n wit da web at dat time...LOL!!! At 1st I was gonna post "Attention Deficit" dis month but I said...nah!!! Then I thought re-post E's "Now Or Never" joint but I said...nah!!! I was searching Vlad today & stumbled upon dis joint!!! Wholetime my cousin Zo seen me watching it on PS3 & said he recognized Paypa Boy & he bought E's CD so dat sealed it...LMAO!!! Dis joint ain't been on no other blogs in da DMV dat I done seen at least so I decided to make it dis month's diamond in the rough. It don't hurt dat da song crank & dat da video vicious either...LOL!!!

Likeblood - Like Us

No Love - J-Scrilla ft. K Beta, XO, Oddisee, RAtheMC, Wordsmith, Judah, & Teflon

Dis hook is exactly how da DMV area can make U feel from time 2 time...LOL!!!