De-U Records released new Edu-Basics DVD's

If you have kids or you're a teacher, & you still don't know about the educational Hip-Hop CD's then you must not get out too!!! We've managed to sell more than 100,000 Edu-Basics CD's & over 150k total De-U products since the year 2000 straight out of the trunk. We've been in The Washington Post, Business Weekly, Black Enterprise, CNBC, BET, NPR, etc...with over 100 stories on how our CD's help kids test scores & how we created, manufactured, & sold the original "Multiplication Hip-Hop". We just this week finally released the highly demanded "Multiplication Hip-Hop" & "It's Elementary" DVD versions. You can get all of De-U Records' Children's, Hip-Hop, R&B, & Gospel products at our "Edu-Basics" Kiosk in P.G. Plaza Mall. You can also get our "Edu-Basics" CD's at Border Books & Music as well.

Our Nation Capitol's History...

I was on bored yesterday searching around & I've come to find out that one of our products we produce at De-U Records made it on their site. I even found out that Ft. Wash used 2 be considered a part of DC. It's alot of other interesting facts & info about the DMV & DC area on there that I thought I'd take the time to share with you. I know ya'll old school Hip-Hop heads know some of this but most of the yungenz under 18 don't. In case U didn't know wikipedia is the new encyclopedia from the internet's point of view. I know some of my ghetto people reading this are lazy & tired of reading already so I also pasted some Youtube links below. It's alot of interesting stuff on here about my city & our nation's capitol that U may not have known. If U rep DC, PG, MD, VA, DMV, or anywhere in the US period U need to understand da capitol of U're nation's rightful place in Hip-Hop history. DC...We're greater then the haters. Check it out below!!!,_D.C.,_D.C.,_Maryland

E One Letter...DMV's own "Go Get It Boy"

Self proclaimed “Go Get It Boy” E one letter is poised to blow the industry wide open with his debut solo release "Blood Sweat, & Tears" set for release in late 2009. With influences like 2Pac, Jay-Z, Scarface, T.I. & Lil' Wayne E hits the scene with an explosive and vivid lyrical delivery through hard yet still extremely melodic beats. E One Letter has steadily climbed the DC undergroud Hip-Hop ranks since he first hit DC's music scene in 1999 as a member of his group The F.A.M., earning respect from all over the country as an artist who walks what he talks. E is not only a rapper he's also an entertainer, & business man. He's also done some musical production on De-U Records' "Edu-Basic" series of children's learning tools. These CD's & DVD's have been featured on media outlets such as CNBC, NPR, The Washington Post, Business Weekly, BET News, & The Black Enterprise. In the summer of 2008 his debut single "Go Get It Boy" was featured on WPGC 95.5 as well as XM radio. The newest project you can catch One Letter on is a national mixtape hosted by DNA & DJ Drama called "Motion Picture Sh*t Vol.3: Street Kings". He regularly performs in the Washington, DC metropolitan area at open mics, local clubs, & citywide events. He has sold over 3500 units of his EP “You talk it I walk It” in one year strictly through DMV street sales alone!!! E One Letter walks it like he talks it...the true definition of a "Go Get It Boy".

Listen to "Go Get It Boy" & the most recent E One Letter press on the links below:

Goadome Talk Presents: The Doors Opening :: Mixed by DJ Uneek - Hosted by Major

If U keep hearing people from DC throw the term "DMV music movement" around & U wanna know what all the fuss is about then you need to download this mixtape ASAP!!! This compilation should definitely win the DMV award for the best local mixtape hands down. It includes myself De-U.c.e. Double, Ra The MC, WALE, Raheem DeVaughn, Tabi Bonney, Marky, X.O., TnT, Lyriciss, Nando Mcflyy, R.E.U.B., G2, A.P., Judah, A.B. The Producer, & many more!!! You can download it for free from the link below.

Disc #1:

1. We Major Intro
2. Shiela - Marky
3. Is There Any Love [Verse] - Wale
4. Drum Roll - G2
5. Mold of a Man - Magnum Dollars
6. Flashing Lights - Point Blank
7. Meet The Rapper - High Society
8. Text Message [Remix] ft. A.P. - Raheem DeVaughn
9. Bad Girl - Syxx
10. Sickkk - Nando Mcflyy
11. The Bomb - Southeast Slim
12. Wholetime ft. Young Chris - Wale
13. Kick Rocks - Tabi Bonney
14. The Local Rapper

Disc #2:

1. Release Party
2. Sexy Lady - De-U.c.e. Double
3. After The Go Go - TnT
4. Dopalicious - Chris Barz
5. swag done - BKS
6. Push em' Off - E.M.P.
7. Live From The - K. Beta
8. Allure - A.B. the Producer
9. Henry Ford ft. Marky - D. Omen
10. Incredible [Freestyle] - Lyriciss
11. Yesterday ft. A.B. the Producer & Marky - Cayan
12. American Boy - The Paxtons
13. African Gangster - R.E.U.B
14. What Else - Ra the MC
15. Energy - el Prezidino
16. Rid'D ft. Wale - X.O. Uptown
17. Why Must It Be - Judah
18. I Am So D.C. - A.P.
19. I Put On [Outro]
20. Bonus Track - Anonymous MC

- Major
"The latest word on music, fashion, and culture in the D.M.V."

The Epitome Band @ Mirrors Night Club

Come check out De-U Records' head producer Zo kill the keys with The Epitome Band each and every Friday at Mirrors night club on 33 New York Ave. N.E. Washington, DC. Doors open at 9:30pm & everyone's FREE B4 12 am!!! After 12am $10 admitance fee. Drink specials go on all night long such as $5 Martini's, $7 Hennesey, & the Moet special buy 2 & get 1 for FREE!!!

Dime$ Presents: The Mixtape About Errything

My nigga Dime$ 1/2 of The Money Federation just sent me over the cover today to his new solo mixtape coming out soon from the Moola Fedi headquarters. Dime$ & Q Money are the masters of turning unscripted material into "smooth" completed songs that most would argue were written down on paper. When D.I. does his solo thing however he usually does a little more writing & often goes much deeper with his lyrical content. Calling him a conscience or political rapper doesn't really do his style or mentality any justice. If U asked him personally he'd probably tell you not to even call him a rapper at all...just call him a real nigga instead.

Dancehall Thursdays @ Duke's City

Come out to U Street on Thursday nights & unwind to the unbelievable sounds of DJ Spyda, Majestic, & Nemesis on the 1's & 2's. This is garunteed to be the best Dancehall, Reggae, & Soca mix you will ever find in the the DMV!!! Looking for a good spot to have fun & lay low on Thursday nights...look no further. My big homie DJ Spyda & Duke's City got you covered pimpin'.

We Want In Vol.1

"We Want In Vol.1" was finally released on today!!! This mixtape is hosted by G-Man Fam who represent strictly the V part of the DMV(DC, MD, VA). Make sure you check out this mixtape it's a real good international variety of major & underground artists. Street Credibility has the best up & coming blended mixtapes on the me on this one. You know it's hot because my DC solo single "Sexy Lady" is on this mixtape as well. There was a last minute typo on the drop for "Sexy Lady" that we caught too late to correct. The drop says I'm repping VA which is technically wrong so just 2 clear up any misunderstandings I'm actually from Ft. Washington Maryland. In my hood we're only 15 minutes away from both DC, & VA. Therefore I rep DC & VA through the DMV connection but I exclusively rep 40. Watt, MD...a place with a population of only 1 person...Mr. 40. Watt himself De-U.c.e. Double!!!

Download Mixtape | Provided by

On Our Grind & We Get It Vol.1

I'm spreading that DC Hip Hop/Go Go fusion sound from ground central here @ 40. Watt headquarters, 2 Canada, 2 Australia, 2 London, 2 France, 2 Japan, 2 Africa & way way beyond!!! Be on the look out for my DMV single called "Sexy Lady" on this mixtape "On Our Grind And We Get It Vol.1". It's hosted by my man A&R Drekz & it should be up on by the 3rd or fourth quarter of this year. The PG & DC movement has officially begun so join sides or take cover!!! De-U Records & Street Credibility are on our grind real real heavy right about now...& don't you doubt it!!!

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Zo Got Heat!!!

Check out this exclusive interview with the man behind most of De-U Records' Hip-Hop, R&B, Gospel, Go Go, & Children's educational music production. His name is Alonzo Powell or as he's better known around the town...Zo. This man's DC & international musical resume is quite extensive!!! Some of his melodic productions have been featured on XM, WPGC 95.5, WKYS 93.9, CNBC, NPR, BET, The Washington Post, Business Weekly, & Black Enterprise magazine just to name a few. He's sat in & played keyboard for numerous legendary Go Go bands throughout his career, but you can usually catch him now days performing with his local Go Go crew called "The Epitome Band".

Check My Global Stats Vol.7: Hosted by Slim Thug

I De-U.c.e. Double Mr. 40. Watt have recently linked up with Street Credibility Austrailia's Co-CEO & Swagg News head writer A&R Drekz!!! We got major things planned for the year 2009 already but we're keeping our moves under wraps for right now so I can only let U know bout what we got going on up till December. My debut Hip Hop/Go Go DC single "Sexy Lady" is on a couple of Street Credibility's mixtapes right now but the most noteable is "Check My Global Stats Vol.7: Hosted by Slim Thug"!!! Check it out now on my myspace solo page or at the following website links.

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This Some Motion Picture Sh*t Right Here Pimp!!!

I'm helping to unify the DMV through my Baltimore connects with Round Table Music Group rep & XM Radio's DJ DNA. De-U Records & E One Letter have recently linked up with DNA & DJ Drama for his newest mixtape project. DNA & DJ Drama's new gangsta grillz edition mixtape is called "Motion Picture Sh*t Vol.3: Street Kings" & it's finally out now!!! This mixtape features DMV's own "Go Get It Boy"...E One Letter!!! His single has also been rocking da radio on XM & WPGC 95.5 lately. This man is the next big artist to come out of the DMV. Dude can freestyle or write any style of song & have it memorized in a matter of minutes!!! His EP "You Talk It I Walk It" is available for sale on cdbaby, itunes, amazon, etc...right now. He's hard at work now on his debut solo LP called "Blood, Sweat, & Tears". Like he said ya'll better check his resume...he's been at this for a while now but trust it's still only just the begining!!!