E One ft. Oogie - Frenemies (MUSIC VIDEO)

Video Shot, Directed, & Edited by Terron Cannady for Royal District films. Follow us on twitter @EoneLetter @DaRoyalDistrict @booby28 @DeUceDouble

Uptown XO - "Petey Greene (feat. AB The Pro)"

My little cousin directed dis video follow him on twitter!!! ~> @2cams

Tray Chaney - Mike Bully (Stand Up For Our Future)

My brother Tray Chaney aka "Poot" from HBO's hit series "The Wire" is at it again with positive initiative music!!! Check out da Washington Post article where da director of da video talks about a real life situation with his own child bullying another kid at school & how it inspired dis track!!! ~> http://www.washingtonpost.com/blogs/therootdc/post/national-bullying-prevention-month-when-your-child-is-a-bully/2012/10/01/8cd72c9a-0bdb-11e2-a310-2363842b7057_blog.html#pagebreak

E One - Salute

Peep da De-U Records, Inc. CEO aka my pops & 1 of da top De-U execs aka my uncle in their acting debut!!! Wholetime da part wasn't dat hard 4 dem cause they're bosses in real life LOL they've been making million dollar decisions LONG b4 da term DMV even existed...it's nuffin' new!!! *shrugs*