Caribbean 1st Fridays

Friday Oct 3rd: Caribbean 1st Fridays "Vamos A Miami"
@ Zanzi Bar 700 Water Street SW, Washington DC


DJs: Hazzard - Super Slice - Spyda
Door open @ 10pm - 3am
For more info: -

Schooool!!!...Crank Dat Learning Boy...Schooool!!!...Crank Dat Learning Boy!?!?

In case you didn't get a chance to bring the family out to our live "Multiplication Hip-Hop" concert & stage show last weekend here's a little Youtube footage of what you missed. Everybody enjoyed themselves & we damn near sold out of CD's & refreshments. The second video posted is some throwback De-U press & Dezmo street team footage from when we used to be on the streets selling CD's everyday for at least 8 hours a day. We do small shows with just the music, only one character, & no plot at schools, book stores, & libraries all the time but this was only our second ever full blown concert & play. It was our best turnout yet & we here at De-U Records greatly appreciated all the local support...thanks DMV we love ya'll!!!

P.S. If you're from the DMV & you have kids from pre-school up to middle school & you still don't know about "Multiplication Hip-Hop", Dezmo, or The L-Squad yet...U loafin'!!! Kids love these CD's nationwide & especially in the DMV...ask around. Check us out at our kiosk where we sell them in P.G. Plaza mall. We'll be throwing another kids concert real soon so stay tuned.

You Talk It I Walk It EP - Free Download!!!

E One Letter is the first rapper to represent solo from The F.A.M. & De-U Records. E is one of those dudes who shows & proves everything that comes out of his mouth with real life actions. It's one way or the other if your from DC or PG...either you've seen his face in the open mics, or you've seen him outside downtown with CD's & fliers in hand, maybee in a shopping center parking lot, or even in the mall selling...regardless where you've seen him just know that he's got a lotta units in the city. He's been hitting the parking lots & street corners relentlessly since De-U's creation in 1999 personally selling thousands!!! He has helped to sell over 1500,000 with De-U Records' CD's & DVD's right out of the trunk. This free download is E One Letter's debut solo EP called "You Talk It I Walk It". I also included a bonus unreleased track produced by Royal District called "Blank Change" from his upcoming debut solo LP called "Blood, Sweat, & Tears"...enjoy!!!

DJ Hazzard's Annual Birthday Celebration

Friday Sept. 26Th: Eyes Wide Shut, DJ Hazzard Birthday Celebration

@ FUR: Mafia Room & Patio 33 Patterson Street, NE, Washington DC

Music by: DJ Hazzard & Private Ryan

For more info: Call 301.613.9096

P.S. Tell em' Spyda The DJ & De-U.c.e. Double sent!!!

The Future of American Music = The F.A.M.

I know these CD's are almost bout 5 years old now but alot of De-U fans who buy them online out Japan & locally here in D.C. at our Edu-Basics kiosk in P.G. Plaza Mall believe this LP is a timeless classic & keep asking me to post it on my blog so here you go...happy now!!!

De-U Records is a DC based indie label that's run out of De-U studios in Fort Washington, MD. De-U is mostly made up of family members & close personal friends. The F.A.M. includes three cousins myself De-U.c.e. Double, E One Letter, & MLG; along with Zo, DP, & SP we formed De-U Records, Inc. & the group The F.A.M. in the year 1999. Ever since we moved the studio out of the basement & released "Multiplication Hip-Hop" in the year 2000 we've been selling/manufacturing CD's, doing audio/video production, studio/live engineering, rapping, songwriting, live performances, voiceover work, & much more for De-U Records; as well as many other local artists. We at De-U are the original creators, engineers, producers, manufacturers, sellers, promoters, & voices behind the nationally successful "Multiplication Hip-Hop" CD/DVD/concert series & "Edu-Basics" childrens learning products. De-U Records has a wide variety of talent in many genres. Since 2000 De-U Records' Hip-Hop, Gospel, R&B, & Children's music combined has sold over 150k units 95% of which were sold by The F.A.M. themselves right out of the trunk!!! De-U's relentless parking lot & street corner pavement pounding along with the release of The F.A.M.'s debut LP helped spark the beginning of a new era of professionalism & creativeity in DC's Hip-Hop music scene. This CD is trend setting, hard hitting, & thought provoking. De-U.c.e. Double himself produced three tracks on this CD, "So Sick", "Real Life", & "Roll Wit Real". The rest of the songs are created by one of the hottest & newest music producers, Alonzo Powell (Zo) of De-U Records. The F.A.M.'s 1st group LP "Rookie of the Year" is an instant classic, it's hot, & it's a must have for any true Hip-Hop fan!!!

GoGo Michelle Album Release Party 9/19/08

Have you seen GoGo? She's supported alot of our underground DC GoGo, Hip-Hop, & R&B artists for many years now so it's only right to show some love back ya digg!!! Come out to have a good time & support my folks GoGo Michelle at her album release party this month at Le Pearl Lounge. It's on September 19th at 9pm till 3am in Capitol Heights, MD right on Central Avenue down the street from Addison Road Metro Station. It's gonna be a catered event with a host of surprise performances & DMV special guests such as Topp Dogg Hill & De-U Records just to name a few.

"Multiplication Hip-Hop" Live in Concert!!! 9/20/08

Dezmo and Addy are here to party in their first live concert to the hit the Edu-Basics learning series, but they better keep a watchful eye because the wild and wacky Mindstien is trying to pull the plug on the whole show. With accolades from The Washington Post, National Public Radio (NPR), CNBC, and Black Enterprise Magazine, Edu-Basics & De-U Records continues an ongoing legacy with this exciting live concert series Multiplication Hip-Hop In Concert. See Multiplication Hip-Hop’s Dezmo, Addy, Rapper Boi, DJ One Time, and Mindstien Live!!! The fun never stops with live characters, dancing, music, game show, photo-ops, prizes, & more. This live concert & stage play is a must see for kids of all ages!!!

Saturday September 20, 2008
ShowTime 2:00 PM
General Admission $11.50
Group Discounts Also Available

Tickets are available at the Edu-Basics kiosk in P.G. Plaza Mall & at De-U Records
To order your tickets by phone using any major credit card
Toll free 1-866-482-2137

Annabelle Ferguson Auditorium
Suitland High School
5200 Silver Hill Rd.
Forestville, MD 20747