"Hip-Hop ain't dead it just moved to the DMV!!!"

Brrr...Gucci!!! If U ain't heard da bossman joint yet but U already have heard da Wale joint already chances are...U're a get wit!!! If U ask me deez 2 songs should 2 be all over da billboard charts right now slim but hey...it is wut it is. Wutz good thow DMV? I'm tired of all da bullshit excuses joe. Stop loafin' & debate'n, & hatin' & fakin'. Stop procrastinate'n...start supporting & stop waitin' cause da movement starts here wit us...ya digg!!! Support U're local rappers & not da W.A.R. (Wack ass rappers) No bamma assness allowed in da DMV in 2010!!!

July's Diamond in the Rough

It was only right...lol!!! Seriously thow dis CD fits da definition of a DC "diamond in the rough" in many more ways than just da title similarities. Not too many DC, MD, or VA rappers have managed 2 get over 10,000 downloads...shit a mere 1,000 downloads is really a big accomplishment out here!!! I think dis joint is somewhere past da 15,000 mark right about now so dat says alot since it just dropped dis summer. "Numbers don't lie people do" so stop faking wit U're self & get hip!!! It's a serious movement going on outchea in da district but it's F.R.N.O.!!!

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"It's still UGK 4 Life!!!"

"U lost U're spot when U & Pac CD flopped U ain't hot...but da game been good 2 me...hold up bitch!!!"

Guess Who's Bizzack...Again...lol!!!

Let's do it right dis time people & stop fuckin' up my favorite spot 4 God's sake!!! X.O. runs dis joint so U should know by now dat dis open mic joint is F.R.N.O.!!! Keep U're personal life, issues, & problems away from dis place because 4 many of us outchea it's all about take'n care of business slim...PLEASE no more BS allowed in dis club!!!


Whitefolkz Freestyle

I ain't know dis twiggaz govt. name was Dave too.

MTV VMA Best Breakout DC Artist

Make sure 2 go & vote 4 ya boi De-U.c.e. Double & my big cuzzo E One Letter in dis new competition dat MTV2 & Ourstage.com is puttin' on 4 our city called "MTV VMA Best Breakout DC Artist". U can vote several different ways & U can vote more than once so make sure U don't forget 2 vote at least once a day 4 me & once a day 4 E One Letter...De-U.c.e.'s!!!

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Dime$ Presents... "Unscripted: The Mixtape"

Dis mixtape is composed of all freestyles but since these fake ass rappers now days are calling their written verses freestyles U can just call dis "unscripted". If U hear any other rappers using da term "unscripted" & it ain't Dime$ or Q-Money then they're attempting 2 "swaggerjack" a.k.a. "bite'n da swagg"...remember where U heard it 1st!!!


Oogie - Streets Keep Calling My Name

Produced by Black Chris

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