"Hip-Hop ain't dead it just moved to the DMV!!!"

Brrr...Gucci!!! If U ain't heard da bossman joint yet but U already have heard da Wale joint already chances are...U're a get wit!!! If U ask me deez 2 songs should 2 be all over da billboard charts right now slim but hey...it is wut it is. Wutz good thow DMV? I'm tired of all da bullshit excuses joe. Stop loafin' & debate'n, & hatin' & fakin'. Stop procrastinate'n...start supporting & stop waitin' cause da movement starts here wit us...ya digg!!! Support U're local rappers & not da W.A.R. (Wack ass rappers) No bamma assness allowed in da DMV in 2010!!!

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