"Check My Resume!!!"

Lately local bamma's been havin' alot 2 talk bout da De-U walk. Some people been acting a lil' confused bout wut it iz exactly dat De-U does or has done besides just make music. Here's some throwback grindin' footage dat may jog U're memory a lil' & dat's sure 2 make da 40. Watt & DMV outsiders feel even more confused...lol!!! Deez joints started out as just a humble way 2 help kids from da hood & keep da studio lights on. We started by sellin' in da K-Mart parkin' lot at Rivertown & ended up in schools, libraries, book stores, & on BET, NPR, & CNBC!!! Make sure 2 go on www.dmvemas.com & vote 4 De-U Records children's department aka "Edu-Basics" for the community service award....deez joints done touched a lotta lives in da DMV & round da world!!!



Pure Hip-Hop...

If U missed dis event last night...U was loafin' really really hard slim!!! Damn near everybody who's anybody in dis area was there. Most fun I had @ an open mic in a long long time!!! Pics swindled curtesy of DJ Heat & dcmumbosauce.blogspot.com

Tabi Bonney


Who da hell is dis bamma...lol!!!

thow ya hands up!!!

A.B. The Producer & Lyriciss

Raise da roof!!!

RAtheMC chillin' while Judah tryin' not 2 kill a nigga...

Say gimmie dat cheese...

Mr. Whitefolkz


Mo Betta


Zo & Rik Presents: Epitome Sexy Saturdays

My big cousin's Zo & Rik...aka Zo & MLG are finally back at it again!!! If your old enough 2 remember any of da golden era of GoGo U know wut it iz wit The Epitome Band & Show...yungenz used 2 literally take their clothes off on da regular when they played!!! If your familiar wit da cabaret era DC went thru at 1 point then U definitely know wut it iz wit a Zo & Rik promoted party...niggaz done found they wives in dem joints!!! Now "Da Super Band" & da super promoters have finally joined forces!!! Dis event is da 1st ever official "De-U.c.e. Double STAMPED" event so U know I'm in there 100%!!! Dis is a must attend event people!!! Come 1 come all 2 witness da epitome of wut GoGo music should sound like according 2 De-U Records...see U there!!!


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The good people over @ MTV have decided 2 go & make dis week...DC week!!! I know, I know,...I'm jai late it being friday & all. It's just I usually try 2 stay away from posting things dat other people from dis area have on their blogs 2 keep mine unique. However I was compelled 2 post dis when I watched MTV last night 4 da 1st time in a long while only 2 realize dat the DC segments between commercials were more interesting than da videos being played on "Sucker Free". They even had da "Nike Boots" video mixed in wit da rotation. The powers that be are showin' our city a lotta luv right now!!! Thanks FTDMVO

"Hip-Hop ain't dead it just moved to the DMV!!!"

- Mr. 40. Watt -

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40. Wattage!!!

Peep ya man Charles Hamilton in a freestyle cypher wit X.O. @ the National Harbor...

DDotOmen.com - Charles Hamilton x X.O. x D.M.V. Cypher from DDotOmen on Vimeo

Thanks FTDMVO & DDotOmen.com

An Inauguration Celebration!!!

Da big homie Judah & a host of other big name sponsors are throwing dis event at da new National Harbor right down da street from 40. Watt, so ya boi Mr. 40. Watt just might have 2 make a special guest appearance ya digg. Dis is one of da few inauguration celebrations that'll be official & free!!! It's right down the street from De-U Records & they'll be free food so...need I say any more? See U there pimpin'...thanks 4 da info FTDMVO!!!

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E One Letter ft. De-U.c.e. Double - Get It In

Dis is a song where E, Zo, & myself went up 2 my old college Omega Studios 2 get it re-recorded...wut up Priest Da Nomad!!! Do me 1 favor & peep dis joint out 4 ya boi. It bangs in da club trust me...dey know, dey know...lol!!!

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Barack da Bar...lol!!!

Dis was sent directly from my nigga Spyda The DJ via e-mail...

Friday JAN 16th:

We welcome everyone with the OFFICIAL DC Caribbean Happy Hr. 7PM - 10PM. Great atmosphere - Drink specials - Soca, Reggae & Much More - Party until 4am!!!


Saturday JAN 17th:

"Round 2" Kicks off @ 10PM - 4AM (same location)
Everyone free before 11PM w/ flier - $10 before 12AM
Must be 21+ to enter w/ valid id on both nights.




E One Letter - Blank Change

Here's a new joint produced by my nigga T from Royal District off of E One Letter's upcoming "Now Or Never" solo mixtape called "Blank Change". Dis joint is a 3 verse true story dat E wrote from da heart bout how da average nigga's mentality is growing up come'n outta da F dub aka 40. Watt...wut up Dime$...wut up Q-Money...wut up Hu$$tle...& not da one wit a b in front...D.I. & Q know who I'm talkin' bout...sad part is nobody else does...lol!!! R.I.P. to all my fallen Fort Wash stars & 2 all my 40. Watt niggaz locked down hold ya head...partake!!!

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January's Diamond in the Rough

Dis is a new monthly on going addition 2 my blog dat I'm starting up dis year called diamond in da rough. Dis will always contain someone or something from any time frame that originated from DC, MD, or VA dat I deem fit 2 shine da spotlight upon 4 once a month. Dis month I choose da LP "Mission IsPossible" by da emcee TrueBless. Dis CD includes alot of bonus material such as photos & printed lyrics. ScholarMan's production keeps you thinking of DJ Premier, 9th Wonder, or a J. Dilla track while TrueBless is inspired stylistically & lyrically from emcees like KRS-One, Rakim, Nas, & Common. Most rappers only talk about da streets, but TrueBless raps about his personal feelings & life struggles of losing his mother at an early age & being a father. On "I'm So Thankful" he writes a dedication 2 his mom describing her death & how her passing has affected him mentally. Bless's LP goes deeper than wut alot of new emcees are offering out here now days.



Want Change? Vote 4 D.C. Hip-Hop in 09'...Obama U Ol' Bama's!!!

Happy new year 2 everyone out there in da blogospere...yeah it's a new year so I'm creating new words 2 start it off. As 2008 came 2 a close in my life my daughter experienced her 1st Christmas on da planet Earth!!! My mom duke's b-day was right after Christmas & my cousin Zo & B-Man from The Epitome Band also have birthdays in December. My cousin E One Letter's b-day was just yesterday as well so I've been a little too busy having an actual life 2 post any new blogs...or blog any new posts rather. There's been alot of hypebeastin' going on in dis city now dat my president is black. We luv Barack out in DC just like GoGo...did I say GoGo? Yeah I said GoGo!!! It's all type of events going down dis month due 2 da inauguration but only dis one gets da De-U.c.e. Double "STAMP" of approval. If dey ask tell em' Mr. 40. Watt sent ya'!!!