E made a blip on da daily Hip-Hop radar...

Well today's the last day of 08' & it's been an extremely historical & memorable year to say the least!!! From last December to this one I've had my 1st child, I voted for the 1st time, had my 1st car accident, bought my 1st new car, got on my 1st international mixtape, got my 1st solo radio spins, & co-directed my 1st music video!!! That's a whole lot considering that this time last year I didn't have any connections, a job, or a solid plan to accomplish all this. Shit...I didn't even know what da hell a blog was...lol!!! 2008 has probably been the most productive year of all time as far as our rap division of De-U Records is conscerned. I did a google search on E One Letter today & a link popped up to this website called hip hop blips. He's been getting alot of attention on the internet ever since we released his video for "Go Get It Boy". Thanks to everyone who helped support De-U Records, Edu-Basics, & The Epitome Band & Show this year...your greatly appreciated!!! Oh & one last thing...to anybody who's reading this that has been impressed with De-U Records grind this year, or in past years trust me when I tell U pimpin'...U ain't seen nothin' yet!!!

- Mr. 40. Watt -

Want change? Vote 4 D.C. Hip-Hop in 2009!!!

Obama U Ol' Bama's!!!


Guess Who's Bizzack!!!

Sure am glad I checked my e-mail today!!! Gotta give props to Benji for slide'n this vital info my way. Best Christmas present this year by far!!! It's crazy cause me & E One Letter just talked this up yesterday. Man I swear we gotta sixth sense over here at De-U...let me rephrase that. I mean I swear we gotta sixth sense over here in DC. Pure is in the heart of uptown all day so it's only right that I post this uptown banger...ya digg!!! The track below is from 3stars2bars. This music group is the home to many popular area rappers such as X.O., Benji, & Fort Washington's own Hu$$tle. This new track is appropriately titled "Uptown"...enjoy!!!

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Epitome Band Birthday Bash @ Mirrors

- Friday, December 19, 2008 @ 10:00pm -

Epitome Band Birthday Bash @ Mirrors Night Club
33 New York Avenue, N.E., Washington, D.C.


Come out & celebrate the birthdays of De-U Records head producer Zo, Big Darrell, B Man, and all the December celebrities!!!



GoGo...Commercial or Underground???

This post is meant to merely peak your interest in our everyday culture where I'm from & to raise the ever present question being asked in Hip-Hop today...will Go-Go ever be accepted on a national scale? Only time will tell, but for now let's all just have fun by making ignorant ass speculations & talkin' shit about it.

Bush Gets The Boot...

I'm trying to start posting more blog entries that don't directly conscern De-U Records...so here you go. This is just too funny for words!!! My president is black but your president is wack...lol!!! Peep how Bush try to play it off like this wasn't out of the ordinary or something. I guess it's out with the old & in with the shoe huh...lmao!!!

E One Letter - What's a "Go Get It Boy"???

Ok...It's official now!!! I think this blog stuff is starting to take on a life of it's own!!! This is the fist blog post I ever did about us that I got from off of another website. At first I just made this blog for something extra to do that promoted De-U Records on the internet. The next thing you know bloggers were stealing the posts off this joint & using them for a story on their page...ask Dime$. Apparently I'm a journalist too & didn't even know it yet...lol!!! Earlier this mourning when I checked my e-mail I was informed that I've been selected to be a blog writter for a new website called dmvhustlers.com!!! Make sure you go & check out they're site & don't forget to join it!!! I think you guys will like the write ups they do...man I swear their blog writters are geniouses or something...lol!!!


De-U.c.e. Double ft. Go Go Michelle & E One Letter - Sexy Lady (Remix)

I did this joint a while ago but I'm just now leaking it to the public for the first time ever today. It's a rare remix on my popular solo track called "Sexy Lady" featuring my cousin E One Letter & my homie Go Go Michelle...enjoy!!!

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E One Letter ft. Sure Shot - Lime Light

Fort Wash's finest in the building!!!

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Oogie ft. Gawfee & Country - Sexually Frustrated

If you like what you hear you can catch Oogie & The Bar Bois perform live @ X4B on friday night's open mic.

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DJ Super Slice Birthday Bash

- Saturday Dec. 6, 2008 @ 10:00pm -

97 Degrees "DJ Super Slice Birthday Bash"
@ Twelve Nightclub Washington, DC



The Legend...

I usually don't post stories on my blog from off of other blogs (thanks Judah) unless it's somehow related to De-U Records or Edu-Basics & this is no different. Scarface & Rap-A-Lot have been a huge inspiration & a major influence to every member of De-U Records musically & lyrically. The Legend is one of my favorite open mic spots to hit up on tuesdays & Scarface is also one my favorite rappers of all time. He'll be performing tonight live at The Legend so...I'm there no question!!! If you don't know too much about Scarface...U don't know too much about Hip-Hop. He's always been known for having top notch lyricism & production on every CD he's ever dropped since the early days with Geto Boys & Def Jam. If you've never been to The Legend open mic, you're not too familiar with Scarface's work, or you just love Hip-Hop, then this event is a must see...trust me on this one pimp!!!

P.S. Say no to free downloads & buy "Emeritus" in stores today!!!

E One Letter = WorldStarHipHop...

This is definitely the best rap site E One Letter's "Go Get It Boy" video has been featured on thus far. Today the popular Hip-Hop website called World Star Hip-Hop featured E's video in the Unsigned Hype section. Although we've had alot of hard earned blessings from above bestowed upon De-U's Hip-Hop department this year we've also had alot of negative things going on in our peronal lives. Nobody has ever helped us or given us anything extra over here at De-U that we didn't work extremely long & hard to get. Words alone can't possibly explain our gratitude...100k thank you's go out to Worldstar Hip-Hop & 100,000,000 thank you's go out to DC!!!




C. Love @ Busboys & Poets Humpday Groovez Concert Series

Check out C. Love live in concert as a featured artist in Busboys & Poets Humpday Groovez Concert Series. C. Love is a local up and coming artist soon to be an international star. His ability to write pure and liberating songs that touch the soul is so natural.

This is a show you don't want to miss...