1st De-U.c.e. Double show out VA Jan. 6th!!!

Last time I went 2 a VA Hip-Hop joint was when my nigga BobKat performed rep'n De-U Records & my F.A.M. MLG lunch'd out & knocked da projector, DVD player, VHS player, or whatever (Can't remember right now I'm jai fried it's new year's...LOL!!!) out da ceiling...LMFAOLS!!! FREE BobKat!!! Dis is my 1st time ever performing out VA so make sure U start da year off right & come thru DMV!!!

Certified Funk - Mind Trippin

Dis is da GoGo band dat reps Ft. Washington, MD even harder than I do...LMFAOLS!!! My cousin Zo 1st started out wit back in da day!!! We went 2 see em' da day after Christmas & wholetime I thought dat Zo was just sitting in wit em' dat night. Come 2 find out dat dis bamma Zo in 2 GoGo bands at da same damn time...SMH!!! & LOL!!!


Money Federation presents: "The Imprint"

Money Federation's 4th mixtape realease "The Imprint" as always everything 100% freestyle (Unscripted)

Click here to download...


Fist of all shoutout to WKYS 93.9's DJ @EZstreet for putting me & my nigga Oogie on dis showcase!!! We can't never get nuffin' but open mic features...LOL!!! Don't get me wrong us De-U boys could be on alot more shows but we refuse 2 pay 2 perform...HELL NO!!! No disrespect meant 2 those who do tho...LOL!!! Hey...gotta get it how U live pimpin'!!! Dis Hip-Hop showcase will take place at @PureLounge on January 7th. It’s located in the same spot formerly known as The Bar Nun right across from Ben's Chili Bowl at 1326 U street!!! Come out & see performances by @whitefolkz @hollywoodizme @therealjaymills @booby28 & myself @deucedouble!!!


Throwback Moola Fedi!!!

Money Federation - Pay Homage (2007) Mixtape @ DatPiff.com: http://bit.ly/6NpaLH

Money Federation - Meeting Of The Bosses (2006) Mixtape @ DatPiff.com: http://bit.ly/5HU4NR


Tabi Bonney - Duhh

December's Diamond in the Rough

Quiet as kept there's actually an open mic in da DMV where all da people in da audience aren't all waiting 2 perform next...LMAO!!! Dis joint is like da real life DC version of dat scene in 8 Mile!!! We ain't too big in DC, MD, & VA on da whole battle rap scene but we very big on our local GoGo scene!!! Da www.theuauopenmic.com goes down every Tuesday @ 9pm for only a measly $5 dollars!!! It's hosted by a DMV rap group called Godsilla & da house band is none other than da Mambo Sauce Band!!! When U come 2 dis joint make sure U leave all U're CD's in da crib but also make sure dat U don't forget 2 bring U're A game out da house wit U...LOL!!! If U got talent & need an outlet (besides da web), try'n 2 make sales & fans, or even if U're just looking 2 have a good time...dis is da place 2 be REAL TALK!!!