December's Diamond in the Rough

Quiet as kept there's actually an open mic in da DMV where all da people in da audience aren't all waiting 2 perform next...LMAO!!! Dis joint is like da real life DC version of dat scene in 8 Mile!!! We ain't too big in DC, MD, & VA on da whole battle rap scene but we very big on our local GoGo scene!!! Da goes down every Tuesday @ 9pm for only a measly $5 dollars!!! It's hosted by a DMV rap group called Godsilla & da house band is none other than da Mambo Sauce Band!!! When U come 2 dis joint make sure U leave all U're CD's in da crib but also make sure dat U don't forget 2 bring U're A game out da house wit U...LOL!!! If U got talent & need an outlet (besides da web), try'n 2 make sales & fans, or even if U're just looking 2 have a good time...dis is da place 2 be REAL TALK!!!

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