DeUce Double ft. Oogie, E-One, & Sure Shot - Living A Dream

Tray Chaney honored at the White House

OUR FATHERHOOD MOVEMENT HAS DONE IT AGAIN PEOPLE!!! My Chaney Vision Films, Inc. biz partner Tray Poot Chaney has been officially invited to come to the White House & be apart of Obama's Fatherhood Initiative/campaign. This all stems from his inspirational new record & video called "Fatherhood". Tray was also recognized by "Source Magazine" this week & his record was played on 93.9 WKYS during the "Russ Parr Mourning Show". You can see him being honored in the video below at the 59 minute mark. The Fatherhood Song & video are doing great things... S/O to Don Cox for producing & Lamar Tyler for directing the fatherhood video #TylerNewMedia #Firedrop #ChaneyVision YUP..."WE BUSY!!!" ...PASS THE WORD!!!

Grippy ft. De-U.c.e. Double "Brand New"