Epitome Band - The Bar

Dis is Epitome Da Super Band's new "single" as heard on WPGC 95.5...take note DMV GoGo bands!!! Start doing more original material, more youtube videos, more singles, & way way way less cover tunes....lol!!! Dis song was produced by my big cousin Zo who's the keyboard player for Epitome & head producer from De-U Records. He's also the main producer behind Edu-Basics, myself De-U.c.e. Double, E One Letter, The F.A.M., Lemme, & also Shirley Ables & The Joy Gospel Singers.

E One Letter/De-U.c.e. Double (Re-Post)

Dis is how me & E was go'n dis time last year!!! E One Letter - Success: "If U ain't move'n forward wut U do'n wit U're life"

I'm helping to unify the DMV through my Baltimore connects with Round Table Music Group rep & XM Radio's DJ DNA. De-U Records & E One Letter have recently linked up with DNA & DJ Drama for his newest mixtape project. DNA & DJ Drama's new gangsta grillz edition mixtape is called "Motion Picture Sh*t Vol.3: Street Kings" & it's finally out now!!! This mixtape features DMV's own "Go Get It Boy"...E One Letter!!! His single has also been rocking da radio on XM & WPGC 95.5 lately. This man is the next big artist to come out of the DMV. Dude can freestyle or write any style of song & have it memorized in a matter of minutes!!! His EP "You Talk It I Walk It" is available for sale on cdbaby, itunes, amazon, etc...right now. He's hard at work now on his debut solo mixtape called "Now or Never". Like he said ya'll better check his resume...he's been at this for a while now but trust it's still only just the begining!!!




I De-U.c.e. Double Mr. aka 40. Watt have recently linked up with Street Credibility Austrailia's Co-CEO & Swagg News head writer A&R Drekz!!! We got major things planned for the year 2009 already but we're keeping our moves under wraps for right now so I can only let U know bout what we got going on up till December. My debut Hip Hop/Go Go DC single "Sexy Lady" is on a couple of Street Credibility's mixtapes right now but the most noteable is "Check My Global Stats Vol.7: Hosted by Slim Thug"!!! Check it out now on my myspace solo page or at the following website links.

Download Mixtape | Provided by DatPiff.com





August's Diamond In The Rough


Dis month's DMV Diamond in the rough is GoGo!!! After U watch dis movie U out of towners will understand us near da nation's capitol just a lil' bit better. Shout out 2 Chuck brown I met him 4 da 1st time last week & he said he knew about my grandma Shirley Ables!!! Shout out 2 my cousin Zo too his band Epitome was originally formed in 1989...good year!!!

Kid & Play - Rolling With Kid & Play

Here goes a throwback Hip-Hop/GoGo joint from back b4 dis bounce beat madness came about...lol!!! At dis time Rap & GoGo or rather NY rappers & DC GoGo bands collaborated alot & were in competition 4 da top underground new genre spot. I think we all know who won dat battle huh...lmao!!!

E One Letter live wit Epitome Band

E One Letter will start dis night of entertainment off wit The Epitome Band hitting da GoGo versions of his songs from off of his new "Now Or Never" mixtape. It's in our hometown of Fort Washington @ da Golden Dragon off of 210 highway. Slide thru early so U can catch E perform plus catch da club while it's still FREE...see U there DMV!!!

Jay-Z ft. Rihanna & Kanye West - Run This Town

G*Two - Sunrise

Congrats 2 da yung homie G*Two on make'n it up on VladTV.com!!! DMV Hip-Hop is making some major moves right now joe!!!

E One Letter live @ Indulj tomorrow!!!

It's FREE all night long so come thru but no athletic wear please...thanks!!!

E One Letter, Epitome Band, & Ms. Tia Dae Live @ Indulj this wednesday!!!




Come see my big cuz E One Letter & myself perform live dis Wednesday Aug. 19th with the Epitome Band. Solo performances by the lovely Ms. Tia Dae & Epitome as well. It all takes place dis wednesday @ Indulj Lounge on U street. Hip-Hop, R&B, & GoGo all night...don't miss out DMV!!!


1208 U St
Washington, DC 20009-4443
(202) 986-9400

Mary Mary - God In Me

Drake - Best I Ever Had

Video directed by Kanye West

Pure Hip-Hop mondays

My F.A.M. E One Letter gotta feature slot at Pure Lounge dis monday night so make sure U don't forget 2 slide thru DMV!!! It's uptown on U street between da Reeves center & Ben's Chilli Bowl but on da opposite side of da street @ da old Bar Nun. If U're looking 2 find me U can do like The Epitome Band & "Meet Me at the Bar" dat is unless I'm already drunk...lol!!! Come early & U just might catch me or ya boi Oogie performing as well.


Phil Ade - Goin' Off

Money Federation bka Moola Fedi Presents..."The Arrival: Unscripted" (Re-Post)

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