De-U.c.e. Double a.k.a. Mr. 40 Watt... lately people have been acting like I've been neglecting Mr. 40 Watt a.k.a. De-U.c.e. Double himself here on da blog so here U go pimpin'...happy now!!! I usually explain my blog posts a little more in detail but da footage below speaks for itself...partake!!!

Caribbean 1st Fridays "Holiday Celebration" @ Zanzibar

- Friday Night Dec. 5 @ 10:00pm -

Caribbean 1st Fridays "Holiday Celebration" w/ DJ Hazzard - House Arrest (Miami) - Hosted by Super Slice @ Zanzibar 700 Water Street SW, WASHINGTON DC.

Oogie ft. Gawfee & Young Money - Swagg Right (freestyle)

This dude you looking at is probably one of my best friends. Back in the late 90's he was the lead singer for the GoGo band called High Degree. From what I've heard this dude was a local GoGo singer back when UCB, TCB, & other legendary bands of today were still getting their feet wet. Since 2000 to now he's switched his game up from GoGo frontline singer to Hip-Hop/R&B singer. He's also affiliated with us here at De-U Records as well as Bar Boys, Edu-Basics, & many others. You can also hear him singing on E One Letter's debut EP on the song entitled "Hair Done" & on my solo music coming out soon as well. I introduce to you the rap singer that they call...Oogie!!!

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I'm Puttin' E One Letter OnSmash Today...

De-U Records has gotten rewarded yet once again for our tireless efforts we've been puttin' in relentlessly since the year 2000 till now. E One Letter's video directed & produced by himself for his single "Go Get It Boy" made it to the popular Hip-Hop website known as "On Smash" today. * FYI *... as a side note of De-U press CNBC also called De-U's CEO/my pops earlier this week about doing their 2nd story this year on "Multiplication Hip-Hop" from our crazy popular Edu-Basics series too, but if U live in DC, MD, or VA...U already know da deal!!! Please excuse my blatantly rude level of!!! I know, I know...I'm either brain dead or partially retarded...just not sure which 1 yet...Mr. 40. Watt signing off!!!

2nd Annual Caribbean Retro Party @ Zanzibar

Here's yet another official bangin' Reggae joint approved by my big homie Spyda The Dj...STAMP DAT!!!

Dis Dat Piff Right Here Cuz...

Track #12 is hot!!! Sike naw but seriously this joint was one of the featured mixtapes on Dat Piff the other day. It was just submitted only three days ago and now it's already close to 100 plays & 10 downloads!!! It's coming towards the end of the last quarter of 2008 and as usual it looks like it's shaped out to be another productive year for De-U Records. Go ahead & take a listen...& make sure you don't forget to download it too.

Obama U Ol' Bama's...Vote 4 DC Hip-Hop in 2009!!!

De-U Records, Inc.

De-U Records, Inc.

Google or Wikipedia us...

De-U Records was formed late in the year 1999 by our CEO & my father David Printis Sr. & his brother & VP Steven Printis. We got off to an exceptional start immediately with our first Hip-Hop project receiveing radio play, our first gospel artist getting inducted into the Gospel Hall of Fame, & our first kids educational product recieving national press all before 2003. In the first two years alone we had already managed to get The F.A.M.'s "Da Realist" played on WPGC's DC Home Jamz segment & the original "Multiplication Hip-Hop" featured on BET Nightly News. Since 1999 the majority of our success has come from our hip-hop dept./street team, children's dept., & our gospel department. As of late alot of satellite, mixtape, internet, & radio DJ's have been giving De-U's rappers alot of attention. E One Letter, De-U.c.e. Double, & MLG's solo music in particular has recieved alot of love lately. WPGC 95.5 debuted E One Letter & my solo singles this summer. The track "Sexy Lady" by myself De-U.c.e. Double is on "Check My Global Stats Vol.7: Hosted by Slim Thug". DNA & DJ Drama's Gangsta Grillz mixtape "Motion Picture Sh*t Vol.3: Street Kings" features E One Letter's "Go Get It Boy" off his "You Talk It I Walk It" debut EP as well. Both mixtapes are available in stores & online right now!!! E & myself were also featured on Comcast Cable all summer long on a 30 minute show for CTV called "It's About Time" along side elements of "The Epitome Band & Show". As for future plans stay tuned for my new solo offering "40. Watt The Mixtape" & E's "Now Or Never" mixtape. They'll both be coming to a parking lot or street corner near you in the 1st quarter of 2009...remember U've been warned!!!

Read E One Letter's newest press @ from 2/24/08, & read De-U Records' newest press @ from 3/14/08

Money Federation b.k.a. Moola Fedi...

The Money Federation b.k.a. Moola Fedi are da kings of "unscripted" music. Moola fedi is comprised of 2 Co-CEO's Dime$ & Q-Money. These 2 strictly represent DC & PG how it used 2 be & aren't too fond of da term "DMV" dat's being used now instead of DC. Q-Money is da muscle & Dime$ is da brains behind their operation. Unlike alotta fluke new rappers out now days these dudes lyric's represent their actual lives & dey know how 2 create their own internet buzz. Most rappers say they're real niggaz & dat dey did everything on their own but 4 deez 2...dat's a gross understatement. For an unsigned group their daily, weekly, & all time myspace plays & views are sick!!! No cheat codes or paid promotional services over here homie just hard work. Da only other artists dat get close 2 as much attention as them on da space are da 1's dat have major label deals. Check U're friend requests myspace addicts because The Arrival is now officially on dat piff. My niggaz literally gotta lotta money in their federation & 1000's of tracks on deck in da Moola Fedi HQ vaults so if U don't know bout these dudes yet don't worry...U will real soon!!!

Dancehall Thursday's @ Almaz

If U're a regular on my blog U may have already seen this flier before but it isn't a re-post it's just an upadate. Just letting all my Reggae heads like my cousin's MLG & Fetima know my nigg Spyda The DJ's Dancehall Thursday's has moved from Duke's City to Almaz...don't worry it's still on U Street. Oh & speaking of U Street...stay tuned my DC Hip-Hop heads!!!

Dis iz "Bar Nun" some "Pure" Bushit...

I was about to get on the Metro a couple weeks back when I saw Ft. Wash femcee Lady Lethal. We got to talking and she told me that she had heard club Pure (aka The Bar Nun) on U street's open mic night had been shut down (hopefully only temporarily!). They mentioned this club's open mic in Billboard as one of the top spots in the DC Hip Hop scene just this spring...& just a couple months later it no longer exists. This is a major blow slim!!! I love to perform especially with a live band so that shit used to make my monday nights. Oh well...I guess it's back to The Legend on tuesdays wit Dre & The Martini's by the studio on mondays with DJ Rico again. At 1st I wasn't gonna post this Youtube joint of me performing in the club but now it may end up becoming rare footage you never!!! The video's quality is horrible in my opinion it's a little "underground" to say the least but according to ya'll we're "underground rappers" so I guess I'm overdue for some unprofessional shit huh...enjoy!!!

The Mumbo Sauce Mixtape Vol.3


1. RAtheMC - What Else
2. X.O. feat. WALE - Ridin Remix
3. Wordsmith - Special Request
4. Thad Reid feat. Akshan - Cruzin
5. Skryptur feat. Raheem DeVaughn - U Turn
6. Charmsidi - Don't Know How to Act
7. Muggsy Malone - Somewhere to Be At
8. CALICO - No Smoke, No Mirrors
9. Suffadon - Get Mines In
10. Big-B - These Rappers Fake As Shit
11. i - Southeast Anthem
12. De-U.c.e. Double - Sexy Lady
13. Lyriciss - They Fakin
14. Kokayi - Babylon
15. Carty-Yeah - Black N Mild
16. Syce the Hittmaker - I'm Hot
17. Greenspan - Mt. Rockmore
18. Dappa Dan!!! Midas feat. Rapman Ron G - Push Start
19. Badd Nooze feat. Nussie - Ben Franks
20. Diggz - Berry White
21. Maria J - Maria
22. J. Sparxxx - Can U Hear Me
23. JoRob - Im'a Give It To You

Mike Jones & Lil' Wayne bite'n DC Hip Hop???

My nigga Dime$ of Moola Fedi was searching Rap sites when he bumped into a song that sounded strangely similar to E One Letter's single joint called "Go Get It Boy". The words & flow pattern on the hook are damn near identical. De-U Records has sold 1000's of CD's all over the country...even in other Continents & the mixtape that E's "Go Get It Boy" is on was hosted by DNA & DJ Drama. Shit...they've been black marketing our "Multiplication Hip-Hop" CD right here in DC for several years so I definitely wouldn't put it past Mike Jones to be jockin' DC in the mist of his fading career & DMV's come up. Me personally I'm already assuming he's guilty until proven innocent but listen to the hook & let me know what you think.