Dis iz "Bar Nun" some "Pure" Bushit...

I was about to get on the Metro a couple weeks back when I saw Ft. Wash femcee Lady Lethal. We got to talking and she told me that she had heard club Pure (aka The Bar Nun) on U street's open mic night had been shut down (hopefully only temporarily!). They mentioned this club's open mic in Billboard as one of the top spots in the DC Hip Hop scene just this spring...& just a couple months later it no longer exists. This is a major blow slim!!! I love to perform especially with a live band so that shit used to make my monday nights. Oh well...I guess it's back to The Legend on tuesdays wit Dre & The Martini's by the studio on mondays with DJ Rico again. At 1st I wasn't gonna post this Youtube joint of me performing in the club but now it may end up becoming rare footage you never know...lol!!! The video's quality is horrible in my opinion it's a little "underground" to say the least but according to ya'll we're "underground rappers" so I guess I'm overdue for some unprofessional shit huh...enjoy!!!



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