High Degree - Break It Down (Pt. 2)

Dis my nigga Torrence aka Booby aka Oogie's old GoGo band from back in high school!!! Dis is yet another Ft. Wash band dat was hated on back in da day 4 musically out cranking bammas & swindle'n away their crowds, fans, attention, & or yungenz...LMFAOLS!!! Listening 2 da CD I ripped it from "Standing Room Only" it's CRAZY 2 realize how many cranking GoGo bands there were who were rocking in da late 90's to early 00's but now ain't even around no more...SMH!!! Da only 2 bands left from dat era (dat I know of) are UCB & TCB!!! If U're an outta towner U have NO IDEA how mad da crowd goes when U SEE dis music when it's hit LIVE but pour up a cup, blaze up some #EduBasicsCensored & enjoy dis throwback GoGo joint...De-U.c.e.'s!!!

De-U.c.e. Double aka Mr. 40. Watt

Tae: Who is DeUce Double?

D.D: De-U.c.e. Double is who I've become from grinding half of my life with De-U Records De-U creative entertainer DOUBLED!!!

Tae: Where are you from and how long have you been rapping, well, correction, how long have you been an artist?

D.D.: I'm from Fort Washington, Maryland or as I call it 40. Watt, Murdaland it's a town in PG county just south of DC. I've been rapping since I was small but I started getting more serious around 2000 when I got out of school.

Tae: What makes you stand out from the rest?

D.D.: I stand out from the rest because I produce, record, & mixdown most of my music myself so I create my own sound & nobody on planet Earth can be me. I rap my life plus I've sold 1,000's of CD's & been on the radio with no management, PR, agent, etc. I grind when others whine.

Tae: How would you describe your music style?

D.D.: My music style is undescribeable it's whatever I fell at that time when different elements of my music are created & the songs come together.

Tae: What do you think hip hop is missing?

D.D.: Hip-Hop is missing real people & quality music it's got the good rappers percieved as "underground" & the the old underground is the mainstream right now. Hip-Hop is missing the lesser of both evils & that's De-U Records & rappers from the DMV area in general.

Tae: Who are your top 5 artists?

D.D.: My top 5 all time artists are Pac, Big, JayZ, Scarface, UGK

Tae: What upcoming projects are you working on?

D.D.: I don't know what my next solo project is gonna be called but I just came out with my debut solo mixtape called De-U.c.e. Double "40. Wattage" on 2/2/10 so I'm still not done pushing that just yet. De-U Records as a whole are coming out with some new kids educational Hip-Hop products new CD's, DVD's, Concerts, etc. as well so stay tuned for those.

Interview via http://www.thesweetlyfeblog.com/

De-U.c.e. Double ft. Oogie & Sure Shot - De-U x KJE freestyle (Birdman Joint)

Fiend - Swamp Land (Knees Deep)

Lega-C "#JiilikeUggghh" ft. Tabi Bonney & Darren Hanible


Dis joint was da top trending topic on twitter da other day!!! I don't know if ya'll realize it or not but da only person, place, or thing dat get's on da #TT more than #DMV Hip-Hop is wutever @souljaboytellem tell's U 2 tweet about...LMFAOLS!!! #imjustsaying

"Ustream is wack!!!"

Just broke my Ustream virginity 2day...LMFAOLS!!!


B.o.B. ft. Bruno Mars - Nothing On You

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D.J. Paul - Gimme Yayo

X.O. - Blah Blah

Back To The Future

Since 2day is da 1st of March & dis is da 1st time in March we won't be going 2 New York I thought I'd let U guys who are hip 2 my music & not our EduBasics products know how De-U does!!! We go 2 dis event every year but normally it takes place in March but dis year it takes place in April a couple days b4 my 1st child who's 1 year old turns De-U.c.e. LOL!!! Hope 2 see all my NY fans in da building...De-U.c.e.'s!!!