The Future of American Music = The F.A.M.

I know these CD's are almost bout 5 years old now but alot of De-U fans who buy them online out Japan & locally here in D.C. at our Edu-Basics kiosk in P.G. Plaza Mall believe this LP is a timeless classic & keep asking me to post it on my blog so here you go...happy now!!!

De-U Records is a DC based indie label that's run out of De-U studios in Fort Washington, MD. De-U is mostly made up of family members & close personal friends. The F.A.M. includes three cousins myself De-U.c.e. Double, E One Letter, & MLG; along with Zo, DP, & SP we formed De-U Records, Inc. & the group The F.A.M. in the year 1999. Ever since we moved the studio out of the basement & released "Multiplication Hip-Hop" in the year 2000 we've been selling/manufacturing CD's, doing audio/video production, studio/live engineering, rapping, songwriting, live performances, voiceover work, & much more for De-U Records; as well as many other local artists. We at De-U are the original creators, engineers, producers, manufacturers, sellers, promoters, & voices behind the nationally successful "Multiplication Hip-Hop" CD/DVD/concert series & "Edu-Basics" childrens learning products. De-U Records has a wide variety of talent in many genres. Since 2000 De-U Records' Hip-Hop, Gospel, R&B, & Children's music combined has sold over 150k units 95% of which were sold by The F.A.M. themselves right out of the trunk!!! De-U's relentless parking lot & street corner pavement pounding along with the release of The F.A.M.'s debut LP helped spark the beginning of a new era of professionalism & creativeity in DC's Hip-Hop music scene. This CD is trend setting, hard hitting, & thought provoking. De-U.c.e. Double himself produced three tracks on this CD, "So Sick", "Real Life", & "Roll Wit Real". The rest of the songs are created by one of the hottest & newest music producers, Alonzo Powell (Zo) of De-U Records. The F.A.M.'s 1st group LP "Rookie of the Year" is an instant classic, it's hot, & it's a must have for any true Hip-Hop fan!!!


Anonymous said...

I had they CDs they break up or something?

Mr. 40. Watt said...

Naw we still all cool. We gotta lotta fire F.A.M. shit in da vaults but we not releasing nothing new till we make names for ourselves as solo artists too.