MLG - Bad Bones

This is a free download from my big cousin MLG the 3rd member of The F.A.M. a group wit myself De-U.c.e. Double & E One Letter. He's yet another De-U Records artist who's sold 1000's of CD's by himself wit no help n da streets of DC, PG, & VA. He also helped 2 make & sell da original "Multiplication Hip-Hop"...dis Bad Bones joint he got cranks & it's a classic!!! It's 1 of da tracks 2 be featured on my next release "De-U.c.e. Double presents: 40. Watt The Mixtape" dropping between late 08 & early 09, which DJ Heat will host if all goes as planned. Just so U know...& trust me 100% on dis...MLG's not tryin' 2 keep it "gangsta" on dis track & definitely not wit his individual rap style. ML has done a whole lot in his lifetime good n bad street n business wise dat most only pretend 2 do. Honestly 95% of da time he chooses not 2 rap about his street past. Dis song is true art & a musical statement bout an incident way back when dat bothered him 2 da point he felt he needed 2 get it off of his chest through music instead of violence...enjoy!!!

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