"Go Get It Boy" - The Video!!!

After a long wait & a lotta hard work the "Go Get It Boy" video is finally completed!!! E One Letter's debut solo single has come a long ways since the day it was created by him & ZO using only the MPC, Motif, & an old De-U sample. We recorded, mixed, & mastered E's single at my old college Omega Studios' school...wut up Priest!!! It started out as just an infectious local DC/PG club banger off of his debut solo EP called "You Talk It I walk It" which was released in late 2007. From then to now this song has been featured on a DNA & DJ Drama Gangsta Grillz mixtape, played on several local/national radio stations, & it was on Comacast cable's CTV every wednesday all summer long accompanied by elements of The Epitome Band. Now that all editing for the final version of the video is completed the "Go Get It Boy" movement has officially begun so just remember you heard it here first!!! E One Letter's "Go Get It Boy" is much more than just merely a hype club song with a catchy hook...it's a multicultural anthem!!! This video is for all people make'n it happen instead of sitting back fake'n & yappin'!!! This version of E's video is just for blog responses only. To see the high quality version of this visit the De-U Records, or Mr. 40. Watt Youtube pages but 4 now...enjoy!!!




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