October's Diamond In The Rough

Some local DMV rappers are gonna be in da Washington Post dis Sunday so instead of picking myself like I had planned...LOL!!! I chose DMV Hip-Hop dis month's Diamond in da rough!!! Our home grown GoGo music has overshadowed us rappers here in DC, MD, & VA 4 so so long dat 4 a while it was as if we almost didn't even exist outchea...LOL!!! Since I graduated in da year 2000 not only did my family form The F.A.M., De-U Records, & EduBasics dat year but also since dat time it seems like dis area has been making major strides further & further every year since da dawning of dis Century. Hense my lyrics..."If it happens like it's meant 2 be...then DC & PG run dis Century!!!"

Click Here 2 read da Washington Post article...

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