Want Change? Vote 4 D.C. Hip-Hop in 09'...Obama U Ol' Bama's!!!

Happy new year 2 everyone out there in da blogospere...yeah it's a new year so I'm creating new words 2 start it off. As 2008 came 2 a close in my life my daughter experienced her 1st Christmas on da planet Earth!!! My mom duke's b-day was right after Christmas & my cousin Zo & B-Man from The Epitome Band also have birthdays in December. My cousin E One Letter's b-day was just yesterday as well so I've been a little too busy having an actual life 2 post any new blogs...or blog any new posts rather. There's been alot of hypebeastin' going on in dis city now dat my president is black. We luv Barack out in DC just like GoGo...did I say GoGo? Yeah I said GoGo!!! It's all type of events going down dis month due 2 da inauguration but only dis one gets da De-U.c.e. Double "STAMP" of approval. If dey ask tell em' Mr. 40. Watt sent ya'!!!



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