Zo & Rik Presents: Epitome Sexy Saturdays

My big cousin's Zo & Rik...aka Zo & MLG are finally back at it again!!! If your old enough 2 remember any of da golden era of GoGo U know wut it iz wit The Epitome Band & Show...yungenz used 2 literally take their clothes off on da regular when they played!!! If your familiar wit da cabaret era DC went thru at 1 point then U definitely know wut it iz wit a Zo & Rik promoted party...niggaz done found they wives in dem joints!!! Now "Da Super Band" & da super promoters have finally joined forces!!! Dis event is da 1st ever official "De-U.c.e. Double STAMPED" event so U know I'm in there 100%!!! Dis is a must attend event people!!! Come 1 come all 2 witness da epitome of wut GoGo music should sound like according 2 De-U Records...see U there!!!


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