DeUce Double - Fort Washington (OFFICIAL MUSIC VIDEO)

THIS ONE'S DEDICATED TO ‪#‎40watt‬ ‪#‎Murdaland‬ aka Fort Washington, Maryland the place where E-One, Oogie Leo, & I grew up. The birthplace of #MultiplicationHipHop #LsquadArama #LsquadTV & Edu-Basics!!! Music produced by #LAbeats aka my only cousin on my grandbeezy Shirley Ables' side of my F.A.M.ily Lil' Anthony. #DMV ...YUP #WeBUSY



Shawty Lo (LIVE) @ Beer4U

"Wild Hunidz" Oogie Leo & Tray Chaney (interview)

M.F.G. - MFGDMV (All My Life)

Do any of my hardcore De-U.c.e. Double "fans" remember my #HipHop group I had composed of cousins #MLG #E-One #DeUceDeUce & our producing cousin #GoGoDJzo dat broke up RIGHT after our debut LP "Rookie Of The Year" made national store shelves & local radio airwaves called The F.A.M. aka The Future Of AmeriKKKan Music?!?! ...WELL GUESS WHAT!!! I've started a new #Rap group which is damn near the Anti-F.A.M. called M.F.G. aka MONEY FUCKING GREEN!!! Now when I do my solo dolo thug thizzle I'm in LOVE with #HipHop but when I'm with my #MG family...I'M RAPPING LIKE A FOOL MOE!!! I say this because we write ABSOLUTELY NOTHING like most rappers PRETEND to do now-a-days when in actuality the TRUTH is their just bad wrighters!!! Debut group anthem produced by Frank B.

Meet #Swole x #KI$ x #DeUce = #MFG ...100% ALL FREESTYLES!!!



Lorenzo & Monica (FULL MOVIE)

This is the first movie I was EVER cast into as an actor & it was an HONOR for it to receive national distribution through Maverick Films. This film "Lorenzo & Monica" didn't make it into theaters like my second film with Sunjada & Chaney Vision called, "Dead Money" did so I'm glad to see that they're releasing it again on YouTube for FREE!!! I have a small part in this film where I get robbed LMFAOLS!!! I redeemed my self in "Dead Money" because when they TRIED to rob me this time I hop over da couch &...gotta watch it to find out LOL #ChaneyVision Films...YUP!!! #WeBUSY

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DeUce dubs debut LP "40. Wattage"

De-U.c.e. Double aka Mr. 40. Watt is an associate member of the National Grammy Association within the Washington, DC chapter. DeUce is a well know independent producer, rapper, video/film director, & new found actor with Chaney Vision Films through his personal & business connections with the actor/musician Tray Chaney aka the character "Poot" off HBO's hit series "The Wire" & Oogie Leo. He helped De-U Records, Inc. sell over 500,000 CD's & DVD's independently through DMV street sales, & to create the "Edu-Basics" brand & the original "Multiplication Hip-Hop" products that were featured on MSNBC, BET News, National Public Radio, Black Enterprise, Business Weekly, etc. His single "Sexy Lady" was played on WPGC 95.5 on the D.C. Home Jams segment. His "Sexy Lady" track was also featured on DJ Heat's "The Mumbo Sauce Mixtape Vol. 3". You can also find the song featured on "Check My Global Stats Vol.7: Hosted By Slim Thug" as well as on his independent released solo debut LP entitled "40. Wattage" available for sale on iTunes, CDbaby, GooglePlay, & Amazon. Since his debut LP was released for #Xmas his single/video #SexyLady has been also featured on,,,, & more. Video directed live in Washington, DC by David Manigault aka Supa Dave for Billionaire Films. Music produced by Doe Isme aka Jon Doe for Mr. 40. Watt Publishing/De-U Records, Inc. in association with Chop Shop Cartel.

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My 2nd EVER movie role "Dead Money" goes WORLDWIDE!!!