January's Diamond in the Rough

Dis is a new monthly on going addition 2 my blog dat I'm starting up dis year called diamond in da rough. Dis will always contain someone or something from any time frame that originated from DC, MD, or VA dat I deem fit 2 shine da spotlight upon 4 once a month. Dis month I choose da LP "Mission IsPossible" by da emcee TrueBless. Dis CD includes alot of bonus material such as photos & printed lyrics. ScholarMan's production keeps you thinking of DJ Premier, 9th Wonder, or a J. Dilla track while TrueBless is inspired stylistically & lyrically from emcees like KRS-One, Rakim, Nas, & Common. Most rappers only talk about da streets, but TrueBless raps about his personal feelings & life struggles of losing his mother at an early age & being a father. On "I'm So Thankful" he writes a dedication 2 his mom describing her death & how her passing has affected him mentally. Bless's LP goes deeper than wut alot of new emcees are offering out here now days.



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