High Degree - Break It Down (Pt. 2)

Dis my nigga Torrence aka Booby aka Oogie's old GoGo band from back in high school!!! Dis is yet another Ft. Wash band dat was hated on back in da day 4 musically out cranking bammas & swindle'n away their crowds, fans, attention, & or yungenz...LMFAOLS!!! Listening 2 da CD I ripped it from "Standing Room Only" it's CRAZY 2 realize how many cranking GoGo bands there were who were rocking in da late 90's to early 00's but now ain't even around no more...SMH!!! Da only 2 bands left from dat era (dat I know of) are UCB & TCB!!! If U're an outta towner U have NO IDEA how mad da crowd goes when U SEE dis music when it's hit LIVE but pour up a cup, blaze up some #EduBasicsCensored & enjoy dis throwback GoGo joint...De-U.c.e.'s!!!

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