De-U.c.e. Double aka Mr. 40. Watt

Tae: Who is DeUce Double?

D.D: De-U.c.e. Double is who I've become from grinding half of my life with De-U Records De-U creative entertainer DOUBLED!!!

Tae: Where are you from and how long have you been rapping, well, correction, how long have you been an artist?

D.D.: I'm from Fort Washington, Maryland or as I call it 40. Watt, Murdaland it's a town in PG county just south of DC. I've been rapping since I was small but I started getting more serious around 2000 when I got out of school.

Tae: What makes you stand out from the rest?

D.D.: I stand out from the rest because I produce, record, & mixdown most of my music myself so I create my own sound & nobody on planet Earth can be me. I rap my life plus I've sold 1,000's of CD's & been on the radio with no management, PR, agent, etc. I grind when others whine.

Tae: How would you describe your music style?

D.D.: My music style is undescribeable it's whatever I fell at that time when different elements of my music are created & the songs come together.

Tae: What do you think hip hop is missing?

D.D.: Hip-Hop is missing real people & quality music it's got the good rappers percieved as "underground" & the the old underground is the mainstream right now. Hip-Hop is missing the lesser of both evils & that's De-U Records & rappers from the DMV area in general.

Tae: Who are your top 5 artists?

D.D.: My top 5 all time artists are Pac, Big, JayZ, Scarface, UGK

Tae: What upcoming projects are you working on?

D.D.: I don't know what my next solo project is gonna be called but I just came out with my debut solo mixtape called De-U.c.e. Double "40. Wattage" on 2/2/10 so I'm still not done pushing that just yet. De-U Records as a whole are coming out with some new kids educational Hip-Hop products new CD's, DVD's, Concerts, etc. as well so stay tuned for those.

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