June's Diamond in the Rough

In October of da year 1999 my pops da De-U CEO came up wit an interesting idea 4 a new revolutionary product called "Multiplication Hip-Hop". He & us De-U boys had absolutely no idea at all how popular dis CD would quickly become. We sold these CD's & passed out fliers on many a DMV parking lot & street corner 7 days a week from 9-5 in order 2 fund studio time & 2 pay our bills. Within da 1st couple months of creation & of street sales we already had BET News calling us 4 an interview. From 1999 to da year 2009 we've managed 2 release several more educational Hip-Hop based CD's/DVD's & have moved over 150,000 units off of virtually street sales alone!!! Now days U can still find us in da streets selling if U wanna get dat good ol' De-U discount...lol!!! Our CD's are now also available at most FYE locations in all major urban cities & online as well.


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