De-U.c.e. Double - Sexy Lady

Monday nights @ Pure are start'n 2 get real real serious mo!!! Shout outs 2 da big homies X.O., Benji, Tony Night, Hu$$tle, & DJ Underdog 4 hustle'n & keep'n it go'n on so well since it started back up in January. If U weren't in da building last night once again U missed 1 hell of a show!!! I was gonna shout all da niggaz who ripped it but it was 2 many names 4 me 2!!! Seriously thow a lotta people murdered it bull!!! I was asked after my performance "where can I download dat song at" & my drunk ass replied..."a lotta places"!!! Da free download below is da most recent mixtape dis song was featured on.

P.S. "40. Wattage: The Ft. Washington Post" coming soon...U've been warned!!!

Click here to download...

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