E One Letter - What's a "Go Get It Boy"???

Ok...It's official now!!! I think this blog stuff is starting to take on a life of it's own!!! This is the fist blog post I ever did about us that I got from off of another website. At first I just made this blog for something extra to do that promoted De-U Records on the internet. The next thing you know bloggers were stealing the posts off this joint & using them for a story on their page...ask Dime$. Apparently I'm a journalist too & didn't even know it yet...lol!!! Earlier this mourning when I checked my e-mail I was informed that I've been selected to be a blog writter for a new website called dmvhustlers.com!!! Make sure you go & check out they're site & don't forget to join it!!! I think you guys will like the write ups they do...man I swear their blog writters are geniouses or something...lol!!!


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