Blastphumis "Smoke" EP Review & 4/20 Release Party!!!

If U miss quality east coast Hip-Hop on 4/20/10 take U're ass to U Street & inhale a fresh breath of "Smoke" cause dat's where da fire is...LOL!!! In my opinion dis EP has no bad songs on it!!! Da only way U can listen 2 dis CD & not like it is if U're dead stuck on producers using 808's & futuristic synth sounds on da songs U listen to!!! Here are wut I feel are da CD's standout tracks & why...

Sick on so many levels!!!

"All My Life"
Straight rippage!!! Gonna have 2 quote him..."It's hard not 2 stay bent walking dis evil land!!!"

Dis song lives up 2 it's name & his!!!

Describes entertainment & government title speaks 4 it self...LOL!!!

Entertainingly describes his life vividly in a mere 16 bar verse or 2...SICK!!!