Fight Club

Come on now DC let's get it together people!!! Bamma shit like dis is what's holding da DMV back, not da lack of talent. Dat's an old myth da stems from the late 80's 2 early 90's when DC residents were so stuck on GoGo we used 2 throw Hip-Hop tapes out da window & direspectfully boo people like Biggie, Foxy Brown, & JD off da stage until Chuck, R.E., Back, Junk, EU, or Groovers started 2 crank!!! We're used 2 dis type of shit happening at da GoGo but not at Hip-Hop clubs. Can't we all just get!!!

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De-U.c.e. Double said...

I was standing right there when it all went down & dat chick was a real bamma 4 dat shit!!! Dat's why I don't invite certain niggaz from my hood to shit dat's of importance to me or da DMV in general. "The Problem Child" is definitely the perfect name 4 shawty. She's a problem alright but it ain't cause of her!!!

- Mr. 40. Watt -