I'm Puttin' E One Letter OnSmash Today...

De-U Records has gotten rewarded yet once again for our tireless efforts we've been puttin' in relentlessly since the year 2000 till now. E One Letter's video directed & produced by himself for his single "Go Get It Boy" made it to the popular Hip-Hop website known as "On Smash" today. * FYI *... as a side note of De-U press CNBC also called De-U's CEO/my pops earlier this week about doing their 2nd story this year on "Multiplication Hip-Hop" from our crazy popular Edu-Basics series too, but if U live in DC, MD, or VA...U already know da deal!!! Please excuse my blatantly rude level of braggadocio...lol!!! I know, I know...I'm either brain dead or partially retarded...just not sure which 1 yet...Mr. 40. Watt signing off!!!