We Want In Vol.1

"We Want In Vol.1" was finally released on www.datpiff.com today!!! This mixtape is hosted by G-Man Fam who represent strictly the V part of the DMV(DC, MD, VA). Make sure you check out this mixtape it's a real good international variety of major & underground artists. Street Credibility has the best up & coming blended mixtapes on the planet...trust me on this one. You know it's hot because my DC solo single "Sexy Lady" is on this mixtape as well. There was a last minute typo on the drop for "Sexy Lady" that we caught too late to correct. The drop says I'm repping VA which is technically wrong so just 2 clear up any misunderstandings I'm actually from Ft. Washington Maryland. In my hood we're only 15 minutes away from both DC, & VA. Therefore I rep DC & VA through the DMV connection but I exclusively rep 40. Watt, MD...a place with a population of only 1 person...Mr. 40. Watt himself De-U.c.e. Double!!!

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Anonymous said...

I remember De-U Records from selling CD's out of dey vans downtown DC everday at lunch. I was wondering why I never see dem dudes outside playing music & passing out fliers no more.