M.F.G. - MFGDMV (All My Life)

Do any of my hardcore De-U.c.e. Double "fans" remember my #HipHop group I had composed of cousins #MLG #E-One #DeUceDeUce & our producing cousin #GoGoDJzo dat broke up RIGHT after our debut LP "Rookie Of The Year" made national store shelves & local radio airwaves called The F.A.M. aka The Future Of AmeriKKKan Music?!?! ...WELL GUESS WHAT!!! I've started a new #Rap group which is damn near the Anti-F.A.M. called M.F.G. aka MONEY FUCKING GREEN!!! Now when I do my solo dolo thug thizzle I'm in LOVE with #HipHop but when I'm with my #MG family...I'M RAPPING LIKE A FOOL MOE!!! I say this because we write ABSOLUTELY NOTHING like most rappers PRETEND to do now-a-days when in actuality the TRUTH is their just bad wrighters!!! Debut group anthem produced by Frank B.

Meet #Swole x #KI$ x #DeUce = #MFG ...100% ALL FREESTYLES!!!

SoundCloud: http://soundcloud.com/MFGDMV
Twitter: http://twitter.com/MFGDMV

CEO: http://twitter.com/DeUceDouble
President: http://twitter.com/KingCaliSwole
VP: http://twitter.com/KiDollarSign